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Military Spouses--Take Care of You!
You know who is the absolute worst when it comes to self-care? This girl! Seriously, for all the times I've told friends to take care of themselves, I categorically ignore my own good advice. All the time. And you know what? It's not just me that suffers......

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Providence in the Wait
This is a story about how small the world is, and about how the smallest kindness can sometimes be the thing that keeps you sane. It was the summer of 2015. For months, we'd been waiting with no news about Baby Girl J. We knew she was ours, but we had no id...

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Adventures in Toddler Nesting
For over a year now we've had basically no control over the adoption process. All we can do right now is wait , and wait ,  and pray , and wait some more .  For someone like me, who plans contingencies for her contingencies, it has been all kinds of maddeni...

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To My Sweet Girl on Her Birthday
Our Sweet Baby J, Today is your birthday. Three years old! It's the second birthday that you have passed since we asked to become your parents.  It's a long process, and it's definitely weighing on me. I'm ready to have you home! Ready to stop waiting and s...

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When the Going Gets Tough, Hit Your Knees
My God, It was a year ago today
that I first laid eyes on her. She was so tiny, so sad and beautiful, and
leaping right off the page at me. We loved her even before we knew she was
ours. It was a dangerous
proposition, but we trusted You. Now she’s official...

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Are you on theSkimm? If not, you should be! And if you sign up through me, I get some awesome Skimm swag, like tote bags and cool '90s inspired shades. :) 

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"Ready," Set, Glitch
I never thought I would hate any word as much as I hate the word "Ready" right now. I've seen it so many times that the word has lost all meaning at this point. I would really love to banish the word from my vocabulary entirely, and I will just as soon as I...

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The Interminable Wait
Seven Months . That's right, seven. Honestly, I thought we had the whole waiting thing on lock. I mean, we've been in this adoption process since 2012!! We know all about waiting! But none of that other waiting prepared me for the void that followed our req...

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Finding New Roads Through Transition
Transition is hard. There's nothing remarkable about the premise. All military families know transition is hard. I would bet that most Americans generally understand that transition is hard. But the full weight of what "hard" means doesn't smack you in the ...

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Five Important Things About Military Appreciation Month
Some twenty-five years ago, Congress designated the month of May as National Military Appreciation month. It's not a particularly well-known fact, even though there are a number of military holidays included in the month of May. And why, you may ask, is an ...
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