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Your Hue Lights are ready to rumble with stupendous thunderstorms! Experience realistic storms with customized controls for lightning strikes, rain density, bird songs, wind speed, sleep timer, brightness and sky color! Rain sounds range from light sprinkles all the way to heavy downpours. Thunder and lightning are synchronized to keep you in the eye of the storm. Choose the frequency of lightning strikes and bird songs. Listen to birds in millions of different locations, near and far, as the app moves them through space using advanced soundscape algorithms.

- Watch your lights gently change as the storm progresses. Lights will shift positions, colors and brightness to create a relaxing ambiance. Brightness, color, animation speed and volume can all be adjusted to create a personalized storm. Adjust controls in real-time and immediately see the effect.

- Start a timer and fall asleep to the gentle sound of rain and peaceful birds. Lighting, thunder, rain and birds can be individually adjusted or disabled to create a wide variety of storm conditions.

- The Thunderstorm in-app purchase will work with all of your lights or a subset of lights. You do not need to unlock any lights to use this effect. The thunderstorm effect works best with Philips Hue bulbs (e.g., A19, BR30, GU10 bulbs with color support). To use the experimental strobe feature you must use Philips bulbs.

- Select "Set Up" and then "Thunderstorm" to access the custom storm controller screen.

- Any In-App purchases can be used on all of your iOS devices with the same Apple ID. Please see the FAQ at for help on restoring purchases on multiple devices.

This version also includes these enhancements:
- Improved brightness buttons on Apple Watch
- Shortcut to restore purchases
- New bridge status messages
- Updated German and Danish localizations

The thunderstorm feature includes audio clips with Creative Commons licensing. See for a full list and download links.

Please send suggestions, questions or feedback to the support contact at If you are stuck on a particular issue, please check our FAQ at for help.

Follow @HueLights on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest news and updates.
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Try the "Hue Lights" app for your iOS device today at
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