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San Soo Gab San
Korean Restaurant$$
Today 11:00 am – 1:00 am
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5247 N Western Ave Chicago, IL 60625
5247 North Western AvenueUSIllinoisChicago60625
$$Korean Restaurant, BarToday 11:00 am – 1:00 am
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Late-night Korean BBQ where diners cook their own meats on charcoal grills built into each table.- Google
"This is the best Korean BBQ place in the area, hands down."
"Bulgogi cooked on table grill, and kalbi a must."
Featured by Zagat
Chicago's Best Asian BBQ
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Nancy Sampson's profile photo
Nancy Sampson
2 months ago
This place used to be "good" years and years ago. The service is not great, which is very typical at this joint. You will be lucky to get your water or beverages refilled. We went here twice. Stick a fork in me -- I'm done with this joint. Read the reviews on Yelp, and make your own decision on whether or not this is your jam. The meat sticks to the grill, so you are lucky if you are able to remove the meat in one entire piece. TIP: Bring a bottle of olive oil and a small BBQ brush, so you can brush some oil onto the grill. BTW, the quality of the meat is sub-par and worthy of only 2-stars. The ventilation is horrible!!! Expect to leave with your hair and clothes smelling like Korean food and burnt oil. Tables are very close together so privacy is non-existent (you will be able to hear other people's conversation). Chicago has a lot of other Korean BBQ joints that are 100 times better than this joint. I've been here twice, and both times was very, very disappointed. For those people who rated this restaurant with more than 3-stars, you probably went to the restaurant when you were (1) super drunk and couldn't tell the difference between good quality food versus non-quality food or (2) You were high on something ; D Never again. I'm done! Disclaimer: This is not my real name.
• • •
Angelica Chan Bermudez's profile photo
Angelica Chan Bermudez
9 months ago
This restaurant will never get more than 4 stars because the service (and the parking lot) SUCKS!!! If you're a veteran customer of 10+ years like myself, then you know this is the norm. Just park down one of the side streets and walk the 50 feet. I love Korean BBQ b/c it's a great time for social groups, cooking it to my own personal preference, and I love meat! It can get pricey, anywhere between $25-$50 per person (depending if you're boozing or not). FOOD: They give you about 20 small dishes filled with snacks. The potato salad is good, kimchi is my fave, and soybeans are always good for you! For appetizers, the seafood pancake is always a big hit amongst our group of friends. The mandoo (dumplings) are pretty good too. They come out crispy with a sweet dipping sauce (yummy!). I *ALWAYS* order the bulkoki (finely sliced marinated beef) and kalbi (thicker cuts of beef- they give you the bones to clean the grill). Those are my two staples here at San Soo. I have also had their spicy chicken, which is OK... I've also had their bacon that comes with an oil and seasoned dipping sauce. I only order this when I'm int he mood for it. Be careful when frying this, it can splash!! NOTE: You only get 1 rice bowl and 1 soup bowl PER ENTREE. Additional rice/soups must be charged for. DRINKS: I don't ever drink ANYTHING here. Why? Because soju is only $6 a bottle at H-Mart, yet they charge $14. No pop, no tea, just water please. I'd rather save room for FOOD! The bus boys are pretty attentive, they change the wood when necessary, they change the grill when it gets too cakey, they bring additional lettuce leaves and bean sauce when asked politely. I saw them more than I saw our own server (this was on Sunday evening). I work as a server at Solder Field during Bears games and I have to haul @$$! The management should know, if you're THAT busy- you're under staffed. OR they simply don't care... not sure, what it is?!?! Be warned that it can get smokey in the restaurant during the busy weekends and you may reek of the smokey scent when you leave, but the beef is phenomenal. That's the ONLY reason I keep coming back. I organized a 30 person birthday dinner and they were very accomodating. I try to keep this place for special occasions, such as completing my 2nd marathon. My legs might've been sore, but my arms had no problem lifting those chopsticks! =)
• • •
Wesley Kim's profile photo
Wesley Kim
a year ago
There are some things in life I will always be unreasonable about I suppose, the food of my heritage is among one of them. The place has the look and feel of a legitimate Korean BBQ, floor mats, vents, soju posters on the wall, slightly apathetic servers, and wisps of smoke lingering around the place. It's just the food really isn't that good and is way too overpriced for what it is. It seems like they are aiming to serve a non-Korean demographic almost but maybe that is just me. Comparing Korean food in Chicago is hard, especially when you hold allegiance to LA. I have had the gamja tang (pork neck bone soup with potatoes in a spicy broth), kkotgae-tang (spicy crab soup), the marinated meats, their chigaes, and after trying this place out for 3 times I just can't seem to like it. I always leave like I should have just stayed home and cooked. If you have Korean American friends who enjoy cooking, I would seek them out first and just bbq at their place as it would be much cheaper and you don't have to worry about DD. The good: it exists, they open late, they don't have teriyaki chicken and only serve Korean food. The not so good: the bland banchan, expensive and mediocre meat, the soups generally lack that refreshingly cutting yet spicy taste.
• • •
Thongsy Singvongsa's profile photo
Thongsy Singvongsa
a year ago
YUMMY Korean food! They are open 24 hrs except on Sundays. This place is known for their late nights and bbq'ing. If you order 2 or more of the meats (e.g. kalbi or bulgogi), you get your own grill to cook your food. If you're intimidated about cooking your own food or the sight of red meat, you can simply ask them to cook it in the kitchen for you. I love going for Korean food because it's customary that they serve little side dishes (called ponchon) with your meal.. I can get full off just the side dishes. There's so much variety from anchovies, radishes, kimchee (pickled cabbage), potato salad and the list goes on. I recommend going with a group of people so that you can share different dishes. If you're not into meat, they also have a good variety of vegetarian dishes.
• • •
Jen Espino's profile photo
Jen Espino
7 months ago
Best Korean BBQ experience in Chicago. The numerous banchan (side dishes) they bring out is impressive. Be prepared to have a long dinner, cook over an open fire, and leave smelling like a smoke pit. The food is delicious. The BBQ is good for groups of two or more.
daven feng
a year ago
The food was decent but the service was TERRIBLE. Not coming here again. When we sat down, the waitress who poured the cups of water almost spilled it on my phone, which was in my hand. The same waitress threw the menus (which was not enough menus for all of us at the table) at the edge of the table and walked off. Then when our food came, she leaves it at the same far edge of the table without saying anything, and walks off. When she came back around, she dumps our entire dish onto the grill. We planned to grill the food slowly, so that it would be freshly cooked and hot when we eat it, but this waitress comes around and dumps the whole plate onto the grill. It feels like it defeats the purpose of having a grill in front of you, since you aren't the one grilling your own food. This happened again, with the third dish. The second dish was placed onto the grill by a waiter who came by and asked us if we wanted him to put the marinated beef onto the grill. After we went to the washroom, we paid and left a tip. We felt that the amount was suitable for the quality of service that we received there, knowing it was below 15%. If it was just me, I would not have left a tip at the table at all. I would have called the waiter over, tip him personally, and walk off. But this did not happen as the others felt bad for not leaving a tip. As we were leaving, the waitress stopped us and did not let us leave because we did not pay 15% tip. Tips aren't required by law, and we felt that the amount we left on the table was suitable, yet she demands that we paid the "full" tip. I was about to take the tip from her, tip the waiter double that amount, and then leave, but I could not find him at a moment's notice. The others didn't want to make a scene, so we just paid the rest and left. She did not even say thank you and treated us as if we were caught scamming her out of her "hard earned" money.
• • •
Sharon de Vera's profile photo
Sharon de Vera
a year ago
Just went there. It has become my favorite korean restaurant. They gave us so much side dishes and the special sauce for their bbq is the bomb. Highly recommend. The prices match the quality of the food and I don't think their that expensive
Mitch Byrne's profile photo
Mitch Byrne
2 years ago
Prepare to sit down, way down & don't forget to take off your shoes. If you don't the staff will yell at you. That's only the beginning. Try asking for extra rice. The waitresses will YELL at you & refuse to give you more. Friends coined this place "Salty Bitches". Not the nicest label, but it may be accurate. I actually find the rude service entertaining & the food is amazing!