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Vote for my Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes - Counting Down the Days (Audiocorp Remix) on beatport! Thanks =)

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Impressive Silent NEMO, drone fish created by US Navy could become a reality as yearly as next year.
U.S. Navy developing robotic fish drone for spying operations

'... The 5-foot, 100-pound unmanned underwater vehicle swims and behaves like a bluefin tuna fish, waving its tail back and forth to propel itself. Its developers say the natural swimming motion of fish is less detectable than typical torpedo-shaped drones.

"This is part of a new field of underwater unmanned vehicles that use biomimicry," project lead Marine Corps Capt. Jerry Lademan told Mashable. "The idea is to use what evolution has already perfected over a couple thousand years, take the best parts of that and make it into a mechanical device."

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Nestlé Pure Life Water Bottle FAIL! It can't even stand still. 
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