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Derek Finnegan
Guns as a way of life
Guns as a way of life

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#MLB  Facts Giveaway!
Great idea from the guys from Barry's Tickets.

Looking forward to see all those facts on one place!

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Go #dodgers
The 2015 season for #MLB   started on April 5, 2015 and in that time, we’ve seen some great games and some, not so great. If you missed out on some key moments, don’t fret – check out our infographic below! There, you’ll find a great visual representation on what is currently happening in the season, what has happened, some of the most memorable moments thus far and more!

#Dodgers   #Angels   #Yankees   #ClaytonKershaw   #redsox   #MLB2015  

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The Future of Business Websites and Web Hosting: Industry Insights

70% of Fortune 100 corporate websites saw traffic decline, with an average drop of 23%

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Perfect #fitouts  furniture seller. Big thumbs up for these guys.

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Good article by my friend Andrew about inner decorations. #sydney

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Now they want to mark our every cartridge... 
#guncontrol   #gunrights  

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Expected move from the State Department?

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Rizzini SRL #rifles  

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Nice, naval rail gun.


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