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Terry Soucy
Dad. Coder. Pirate. Ninja.
Dad. Coder. Pirate. Ninja.

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RIP Steve Jobs. You revolutionized the personal computing industry, and helped inspire me and countless millions. Your vision will be missed.

My kingdom for some daytime cold medication!!

Still sick. Still feeling like crap. Still wishing I could work. Now THAT'S sick. 

Got Netflix. The only issue so far is the waiting game during prime time. Not liking that part so much. 

I just got a call from the helpdesk informing me that "Tigercat is down". Those that work with me will probably find that obscenely funny. 

Survived three days of Chito-Ryu Bo. I ache in a lot of places, but it's a good ache. Great weekend. Learned a TON. 
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