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Nice compilation of Google Analytics resources.

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The New Zealand dollar (NZD) is about to reach an all time post-float high against the US dollar (USD). This article sums up some of the underlying reasons why the NZD:USD trade is particularly popular at present.

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How to improve your "social standing" in the community, 2014-style!

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Just re-launched my DesignHost website using a 'mobile friendly' responsive web design. Check it out at

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Interesting article from +Heiko Lade  of The Acupuncture Clinic in New Zealand.

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New Zealand banks compete with each other in the race to reduce home loan interest rates - still not as low as in the United States though.

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Collaborate and create videos online using Google Drive.

Now these guys at +WeVideo are on to it. Google Drive launched yesterday and they're already on Google Plus with a promotional video.

There is a free option which allows 15 "export" minutes per month - not sure if they mean by that a clip of 15 minutes in length per month or a clip of any length (shorter or longer) which takes 15 minutes to upload.
You already share your messages, status updates and even hang out with your friends. Now you can collaborate and create videos with the help of WeVideo and Google Drive. Find out more:

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Good For Nothing (2011) [Dir. Mike Wallis] - a classic Western shot in the dramatic Central Otago and McKenzie Country of the South Island of New Zealand.

“Who knew that New Zealand was the best place in the modern world to shoot a western…” – The Santa Barbara Independent

From the Official Website...

Inspired by the Spaghetti Westerns this highly original classic style Western is about to hit the big screen internationally.

Good for Nothing is an adventurous romp following an odd romance set in the sweeping Old West. An epic independent feat written and directed by first-time director Mike Wallis it celebrates the Western genre with an interesting twist.The production even secured a genuine locomotive steam engine (the Kingston Flyer) and a herd of bison (American Buffalo).

“The ravishing New Zealand landscape portrays the American West…a promising frontier…” – The New York Times

“New Zealand, which has the perfect mix of arid desolation and rough, frontier terrain to flawlessly mimic the American Southwest.” – Ain’t It Cool News

Looking forward to seeing this "Pavlova Western" on the big screen...the film just had its New Zealand Premiere at The Embassy Theatre in Wellington, New Zealand having already premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and in New York earlier this year.

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Animation - a couple of rocks (yes rocks!!) discuss "what's so great about documentary film" [2009, New Zealand, Animated TVC, 60 secs]

Still get enjoyment out of watching this animated television commercial that +Brendon Hornell produced for the 2009 New Zealand Documentary Film Festival. This piece of animation was produced in response to a competition run by DOCNZ to create a TVC promtoting the upcoming festival and using the provided catch phrase "Docs Rock!" - one of those short films where you think - well they just got it spot on.

If you are having problems playing this in Google+ you can find the original at

If want more info you can check out Brendon Hornell's website at
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