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Just finished this and it was incredible and so i'm now gutted... where do I go now?
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Culture reading order? Next shouldn't be Inversions as I think it requires a bit of familitarity to pick up what is happening.

I would recommend approximately published order, that is to say the three first novels before the next three and those before the two latest.
And don't forget The State of the Art.
Ubbe Ubbe - Have read most them thanks, thought this was the best so far. Question is, where to go now - after Iain M Banks?
Urban F
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Well, for a different perspective on Minds, there's Charles Stross' Scratch Monkey. All of it (like many of his short stories) on the web:
But be aware Stross writes different kinds of books. I really didn't like "The Family Trade" books and "The Laundry" books aren't normal SF. Try Glasshouse, Singularity Sky and Saturn's Children.

I'd also like to suggest Walter Jon Williams.
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