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Good morning! It's 7C in my rural patch. Mr Sunshine is AWOL. Again. The gorgeous new red shoots from my Photinia Robusta. That are gracing my vintage watering can. On the table of my back balcony. Are the only bright spot in this very grey morning. To a happy Thursday. ~Carol❦
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Good morning! It's a very wet 7C in my rural patch. This morning's rain sodden sky. With an Australian Raven on its way to . . . somewhere. I asked a local farmer if he remembers if we've ever had this much rain before. Yes. In 1949. 1956. And 1983. When Bob Hawke broke the drought. 33 years between long drinks. I've also been told the long range forecast for my rural patch is for less than average rainfall from October onwards. I live in a land of extremes. To a happy Wednesday. ~Carol❦
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Good morning! It's 4C in my rural patch. Sunday was the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. And it rained all day. Leaving this morning's sky at sunrise with a big hangover! To a happy Monday. ~Carol❦
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Good morning! It's 5C in my rural patch. My fruit tree blossoms are almost coming to an end. The last to hang on to its fragrant flowers is my Anzac Peach tree. Bred in Australia in 1915. It has a beautiful maroon skin. And a white flesh that's dripping with juicy yumminess. To a happy Friday. ~Carol❦
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Good morning! It's 4C in my rural patch. After many rainy, gloomy days. This morning's muted sunrise - with just enough dazzle to razzle the hills - was a welcome sight. And look at my emerald green paddocks. I'm living in Ireland without budging an inch! To a happy Thursday. ~Carol❦
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Ironing Diva's Stories. Love Letters Number 34 . . . From . . . Ann ❤

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Ironing Diva's Stories. Business Is A Tough Gig. Why Don’t Entrepreneurs Answer Their Phone? ~Carol❦

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Ironing Diva's Stories. The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover. Essential Ingredients. Number 11. ~Carol❦

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Good morning! It's 2C in my rural patch. Australian Wood Ducks. Two pairs. Going for a stroll in my paddocks. Uphill from the paddock dam. On their way to . . . the next dam? To a happy Saturday. ~Carol❦
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Ironing Diva's Stories. The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover. Essential Ingredients. Number Ten. ~Carol❦

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Good morning! It's 9C in my rural patch. Tis raining again. Since 9pm last night. There was a break at sunrise. Shortly after I captured this flock of magpies in 'The Hanging Tree' by the woolshed. The sky went totally dark. And it became Gotham City. To a happy Wednesday. ~Carol❦
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Good morning! It's 3C in my rural patch. It's bleak out there. An Australian Raven. With just a tinge of sunlight giving its tail feathers a silver highlight. As if its been to the beauty parlour. To a happy Tuesday. ~Carol❦
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An 'Accidental Business' that takes pleasure in putting something back into the community.
Greetings from rural Australia,

In 1992, my partner, Victor Pleshev, an architect, and me, Carol Jones, an ex-pat New Yorker and a market research consultant, lose everything in Paul Keating's 'recession we had to have'.

Our induced state of poverty dictates we escape the city lights of gentrified inner Sydney Balmain.

Which has been our home for 22 years.

And where we can no longer afford to live.

For the much more affordable life in the Central Tablelands of rural NSW.  

Which is a complete unknown to us.

We are entering uncharted waters.

In 1994, Victor designs The Fitz™ Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover for his mother, Margarita.  To help her with her ironing when she is recovering from a stroke.

It is the 'light bulb moment' that changes our lives.  It gives us the hook to hang our business hat on.

We travel 60,000 kilometres every year for 14 years, exhibiting our wares like gypsies at field days, home shows, agricultural shows and markets.

Anyplace we can set up shop and spruik.

We meet hundreds of thousands of people.  

Listen to countless, woeful stories of the fruitless searches by men and women who hanker for a good ironing board cover.  

And discover we have stumbled across a need in the market place that isn't being met.

We have the makings of a very good business!

The humble ironing board cover, that everyone hates, is the catalyst that drags us out of the darkness of despair.

And creates for us a cult following.  In what is a very small, select market.

When the internet knocks on the door of our rural village in 2001, we go online.

And today, to our utter amazement, we have 300,000 customers around the world.

Secure in the knowledge we have very loyal customers who love their cover.

And our warm and friendly personal customer service.

So much so they want to return over and over again.  And buy new products designed by Victor.

We make the decision to focus on the customers we already have.

And to acquire new customers by cultivating the art of word of mouth.

And investing time and energy in our online presence.

So in 2008 we hang up the car keys.

And the wheels of our car do a little jig!  

As a high profile, stiletto wearing, designer dressed business woman in Sydney, I never give up my love for glamourous dressing.

I simply trade in my stilettoes for boots polished to a mirror shine.

Designer dresses for crisply pressed jeans and shirts and blazers.

And add an extensive wardrobe of Akubra hats.

And still start every day with make-up. Bling. Perfume.

An Ironing Diva is born! 

Today I live a very tranquil, genteel life, working from my beautiful 54 hectare, remote rural property in the hills of the picturesque Central Tablelands of NSW Australia. 

My little village is tucked between the hills of historic Bathurst and the sprawling vineyards of Mudgee NSW.

My dogsx3 get to run free in our 54 hectares of sloping paddocks. 

And every morning, I become a 'Paddock Paparazzi'  when I take my camera with me to take photos of my walk through the paddocks of my 'Wild Blue Yonder' at sunrise.

And post a photo on this Google+ page each morning to share with my friends all over the world.

My hectare of garden is a wildlife sanctuary.

100+ species of birds fly in and fly out during the year.

In 1996 we plant 110 trees to surround our farmhouse.  They now shade us from the hot summer sun and many provide us with dazzling colour in autumn.  Like shining jewels in the fading autumn light.

My 200+ old fashioned fragrant roses drape my fence line.  Along with honeysuckle and star jasmine.

Thousands of fragrant shrubs and understory provide shelter for wildlife.

And the perfume that wafts throughout my garden all year long is intoxicating.

This is the hook I hang my heart on.

All the best,


This is the link to visit my Google+ page for the Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover

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