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sigh I can not wait for winter. If nothing else, there are too few people to talk to in the summer.....

Yay Philly Fringe is coming up. Maybe this year I will try one of these 'date' things ^_^

Hrm.... I am noticing (3 for 3) a pattern of linking people to my facebook albums and never hearing from them again.....

And then there was Scrum... sorta....

mwaa haa haa! It may have taken my blood, but in the end, I defeated the A/C!

Hrm. You can now (or perhaps could and i just noticed it) see who has you in which circles on google+. Not sure I like this feature.

Hrm. I think one flaw with this setup is how difficult it is to tell who is also on Google+ vs people it seems to pull in from other sources like yahoo....

Beyond mechanical issues, I am encountering the same basic problem I did when facebook was younger. Lack of people to interact with makes for a rather dull experience. I think sites like this are only really useful to introverts like myself if we get drug in by someone who is more connected already.

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