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AKA Raylyyn Sedai
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PAX Unplugged is a brand new convention focused on tabletop games.

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PIpe of Wisdom + 4? I feel like I just saw the whole movie. 

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Was at the Panel this morning.  they could not comment beyond what was on the Kick starter Video for legal reasons.  what they did imply Strongly was  that they have been working on this project pre Kick starter anticipating a full kick starter funding plus reach goals.  Ie they gambled and in all appearances it looks like it was a good Bet on their part funding wise.

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Some picks of my new home, cleaning courtesy of a great lady named Sophia!
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Stephen is taking care of a few pathfinders at his table here at NeonCon earlier this weekend!

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PFS game days in Boise area!
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Just finished the best leg day ever!!! Leg pressed 8 #45 plates. For 15 and 18 reps. Followed by 10 minutes on stair climber with a cooldown on the treadmill. 

It's alive! Went shopping today for my zombie dud's. Now to get the makeup! J.P. Whip up a .jpg of nadeerah's business card please :)

Feast of Ravenmoor was a huge success.

Will do it again in November. See Boise Pathfinder Society Google group for more info. 

It's Friday! Harm tonight and a weekend of writing for LPJ. 
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