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Richard “Rick” Georges
Attorney, Blogger, Poet, Father, Husband, Friend. Publishes the Futurelawyer blog about tech and gadgets and their impact on the practice of law; lives and works in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Attorney, Blogger, Poet, Father, Husband, Friend. Publishes the Futurelawyer blog about tech and gadgets and their impact on the practice of law; lives and works in St. Petersburg, Florida.
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Google Assistant Gets More Functions.
Google Assistant is already the best voice assistant around; now, as is Google's custom, it is getting even better. With over a dozen new functions, you could probably get through the day with just a SmartPhone and your voice. You should have received it by now. Check it out.

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#WhyIAmASolo - Have A Law Blog? Don't Hide It On A Firm WebPage.
I never understood why BigLaw hid the law blogs of its partners and associates inside the firm's web page. It seemed a little like creating a firm brochure in the old days that highlighted an area of the firm's practice, and stacking the brochures on the library conference table. Sure, some clients and others would see the brochures during conferences and depositions; but, it wasn't a great way to get the firm's message out there. I can understand BigLaw's need for control. We don't our lawyers establishing an independent identity, do we? They might leave and take clients with them. The horror? In fact, firm loyalty and firm relationships are the best indicator of whether a lawyer will leave the firm. Some days, I remember "WhyIAmASolo".

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Here Come The Watch Designers.
The SmartWatch movement is about to become a tsunami. When the luxury brand designers start making them, it is a safe bet that SmartWatches are becoming mainstream. The fact that some people will always be willing to spend a lot of money on a watch that is more jewelry and fashion statement than practical tool will propel the Movado, Tommy Hilfiger, and other designers to replace the guts of their designs with Android Wear. Android Wear 2.0 is now powerful enough to make the designs functional, and will propel watch buyers and collectors to put them on their wrists. For geeks, we will be perfectly happy to continue to wear our inexpensive Smartwatches, which are just as functional. We are the people who have worn Timex and Casio watches in a world filled with Rolexes. All power to the people.

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Some Parrots Just Won't Shut Up.
Parrots and computers; a marriage made in Futurelawyer heaven.

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Stretch SUV.
Seats 15, plus all their luggage.

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Don't Fly Your Drone Over This Guy's Property.
The rise of commercial and hobby drones has revived an area of law that is unclear. How high do your property rights go? A 1946 decision said that they go 83 feet. There have been cases about blocking of light and view by tall buildings. But, if a drone pilot can't fly his drone over private property at all, then drones lose any practical use. In this case, the lawyers asked for a Federal Court to issue a Declaratory Judgment whether the "DroneSlayer" had the right to shoot down the plaintiff's drone; but, the Court dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, asserting that the claim belonged in State Court, with the cause of action being trespass. So, drone rights remain cloudy, with a chance of shotgun showers. Be careful where you fly your drone.

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#WhyIAmASolo - I Don't Need A BYOD Policy Manual.
Don't get me wrong. I bring all my own devices to work every day. However, I don't have a large, company wide network that has to be maintained and protected from viruses and spyware introduced by devices over which I have no control. I feel for the IT Departments in BigLaw and other large organizations. They fight a constant battle against employees who have their own preferences as to device usage, and who download God knows what from God knows where all day every day. While I feel for them, I am glad not to have the problem. I still have to follow the security tips contained in this well written policy statement. Read it, and consider how your devices might affect the security of the organization. 

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Costco Sues Titleist And I'm On Costco's Side.
Let us begin with the fact that I buy my golf balls at the Flea Market. When you have no clue where your ball is going, and when 2 out of 3 get lost in the woods, or take a plunge into water, you tend to be careful about how much you spend on them. But, the truth is that buying golf balls is not rocket science. You are not going to improve your score by buying a name brand ball; unless you are a professional who actually knows where the ball is going. Even then, with the right club choice, most professionals actually limit the distance their balls go, for strategic and tactical reasons. So, that said, go to Costco and buy the cheap balls. Nobody except Acushnet and the snobs at the club will care or know the difference. Jeez.

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Veggie Burgers Are So Out Of Style.
The Impossible Burger is totally plant based; but, tastes, looks and feels like a real burger. If you want to get away from meat, this is the burger for you. Once the manufacturing plant gets into production, this food might just turn all of us into Vegans. I am certainly willing to give it a try; and, I suspect that many of us would love to have the taste of a burger back in our diet. Give me a Burger with fries, please. No animals required.

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SmartWatches Get The Fashion Treatment.
Once the luxury watchmakers joined the Android Wear brigade; especially, after Wear 2.0 came out, it was a no brainer to predict that SmartWatches would start to look better. Guess is coming out with some SmartWatches powered by Android Wear 2.0, and they are stunning. I would wear this one in a minute. If it comes with an LTE chip for independent connectivity, I will be wearing one. If you want diamond encrusted ones for your fashion conscious spouse, you will be able to get those also. SWMBO, are you listening?
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