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I don't know what these bad reviewers are talking about. Every time I've been in there, they have been great. I can appreciate if someone feels watched in such a place, but I can also see where the staff needs to, as I'm sure they have plenty of shoplifters who are too embarrassed to buy some of the merchandise. Regardless, I never felt unreasonably scrutinized. Also, when I was trying to select a vibrator set for my ex, the lady there was very friendly, very helpful, very frank and made me feel comfortable. While many of the products are cheaply made (most adult toys are) they have a better selection than most stores that I have been in--and I've been in a lot. The DVD's are grossly over priced, but that's probably industry reaction to so much free pron on the internet. All in all, I'd recommend the place. And if you don't want to be watched too closely, don't act nervous or uncomfortable in the place. After all, the staff deals with this kind of retail all day long and outing your kink to them is just part of the process. Grow up or don't go in there.
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Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
It has its moments, but so far--after a couple of weeks--I'm unimpressed. The problem is, mainly, the staff. They don't care. Three out of four times that I have walked into the cardio theater the movie wasn't playing. That was one of the main reasons I joined, the theater. Another reason I joined was that I was told it was 24/5. It's not. It's 24/4. That was my mistake. Still... The equipment is also broken a lot. I let the staff know about a faulty stationary bike and, two days later, it was still messed up. The paper towel dispensers are always out, as are the soap dispensers. And the staff just sits up front socializing. The cost is high, so these things shouldn't be an issue. I have friends asking me if they should join, but so far, I'm going to tell them "no". ...Unless this place can get its act together. Long story short, it's not the worst gym, but it's not the best. They need an express circuit, to be open all of Friday night, fully functional equipment at all times and a staff that does their job rather than chit chat and they'll be fine. Until then, they are too expensive for what they offer.
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Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Just plain bad. The service, the food, the freakin' manager who was supposed to "fix" everything after the staff failed...all bad. Bad, bad, bad. I gave them an second chance, and you know what? Even worse. You'll find several 5 stars on here with one word sentences saying the food and service is great. Take it from someone who knows, each one is planted there by the company or member of management to try to balance out all of the rest of us real reviewers who all gave it one-to-two stars. ALL around bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.
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Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
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As always, it took forever to have a server come around. The place was relatively empty too. And, as always, the food was terrible, so much so that I sent it back. I never do that. I even felt guilty (I'm sorry. The chili LITERALLY tasted like vomit, like, real, actual, vomit). I didn't say that and tried to be nice. The server was incredibly passive aggressive. I tipped her one hundred percent because I felt bad about being a problem, but later wondered why. (I know why. I wait tables and didn't like being a problem, nor do I want to irritate someone handling my food. Still, it is her job to make her customers happy. My response would have been an apology, not a mean attitude for the rest of the meal. What was I supposed to say? "Oh, this vomit chili is spectacular!" I didn't critique her or the store once. I was very nice.) Regardless, I didn't feel welcome, the food was horrible, as it has been the last three times I've been there (the shakes are decent) and it just wasn't any fun. It's sad because the place could be good. As an experienced server and CSR, it's obvious to me that the company doesn't take care of the staff or care about the quality of it's overall product. It just wants the customer's money and for them to go away. Treat the staff like crap, they have a hard time taking care of your guests. Make crappy recipes, the staff has a harder time pleasing the customers. Operate in Murfreesboro, Entitlement City, U.S.A. the store might as well be a sweatshop waiting to riot and the whole operation suffers. Ultimately, the food was bad, the server was very rude and I regretted it. Not going back.
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Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Essentially a scam. Add to that the rep that I spoke to was super obnoxious, as in rude...and he was trying to recruit me! I was desperate for work and I got up and left if that tells you anything. Just do yourself a favor and leave them alone. And if they say they want to give you an interview turn it down. Phone solicitation for unnecessary services.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago