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Andrew Canham
Wargames, geology and the blues - the truth is out there!
Wargames, geology and the blues - the truth is out there!


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More 28mm Colonials
These colonial-era British are for me.  I think they are from the Wargames Foundry Boer War range, but will be suitable for any colonial action of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  I think these will be great patrolling the NW Frontier of India, when...

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28mm Darkest Africa
Having played a couple of games of Pulp Alley using Steve's largely Wargames Foundry armies for Darkest Africa, he asked me if I would paint up some colonial British Sikh infantry, in exchange for some colonial British infantry. Here are the basic infantry ...

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To wash or not to wash ....
No, not my dear old mum's advice to always wash behind my ears.  Frighteningly, I find myself saying the same thing to my 9 year old son every morning. It's taken me a while, but I've finally taken the plunge and tried an enamel wash.  I picked up a bottle ...

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Battlegroup Overlord Push for Caen
Back at the start of the month, we organised a large game of Battlegroup Overlord, based on Scenario 7 from  the Rapid Fire D-day Supplement.  We pitted two British infantry companies from 2nd Shropshire Light Infantry, commanded by Steve H and I, plus a Sh...

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15mm Late War Germans based for Battlegroup
I've put together a German armoured recce platoon from the Wacht am Rhein book, to form the core of a mobile armoured division battlegroup.  Vehicles are, from left to right, an optional support Sdkfz 251/1 transport for a tripod mounted MG34 or MG42, an Sd...

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A couple of random games
Two weeks back I played in a Napoleonic Black Powder game in 28mm.  Two British infantry brigades and a cavalry brigade took on two French infantry and one cavalry brigade for ownership of a pub in the centre of the table.  I commanded one infantry brigade ...

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Cold War Commanders Joy of 6 2017
It's been a couple of weeks since Joy of Six, but better late than never.  The Cold War Commanders laid on one of the centrepiece demo/participation games at the show, using the Cold War Commander rule set (what else?).  The game highlighted scenarios from ...

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A couple of games of Battlegroup Tobruk
Will and I played out a couple of games of Battlegroup Tobruk over the last couple of club evenings. First up, to ease us into the game, we tried one of the scenarios from the book, "The Buffs Last Stand".  The scenario sees a platoon of British infantry, s...

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Vaagso Commando raid Gauntlet 2017
Members of the SOTCW (Richard C, Will, Richard P and I) had arranged to play a big Chain of Command game at the Gauntlet show over the weekend of 1st/2nd July.  We set up a 12x5ft table, mostly using Will's terrain which had an outing at the same event last...

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20mm 20th Century Buildings
In preparation for the SOTCW game at Gauntlet next month, it was time to organise some buildings suitable to represent South Vaagso during the Commando raid Operation Archery.  Contemporary photographs show a lot of wooden clapboard buildings, similar to th...
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