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"I apologize in advance for this Google+ joke"

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Hiking at Point Lobos on March 23, 2013.
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Another Google Sphere photo. It is of the Monterey Kingdom Hall. 

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Test of Photo Sphere on my Nexus 4. I think the image doesn't work well where the sun is located. 

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I want. 

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Review of Page Plus Cellular

A few months ago I read an article about the advantages of having a prepaid phone plan. The benefits were too good to pass up so I decided to try it.

After testing the service for nearly 5 months I felt like I could give a good review on their network. Here is the review.

Stars: 8 out of 10.


- Quality of Service: PPC runs on the Verizon Wireless CDMA Network. This meant that I could use a prepaid company that has very good service.

- Phone Selection: Since it runs on the Verizon Wireless network, you can use almost any VW compatible phone.

- Price: The biggest reason why I stayed away from smartphones was the monthly cost. All of the major carriers forced you to get a $30 data plan with your smartphone. This meant that your phone bill would at least be $90 a month for a very limited plan.

With PPC the top package they offer is a flat rate of $55. It would not be one penny more. No hidden fees.

- Packages: Their flag ship package is called "The 55." This is the package I chose. It costs $55 a month. It comes with unlimited minutes and text. It also comes with 2 GB of data.

They have other competitive plans that go from $12, $29.95, and $39.95 a month. Check them out here.

- Contract: There is no contract. You are on a month to month contract in case you decide to leave.

- Customer Support: They can be reached by an online support ticket or calling them. When you are on their automated phone system, there is none of that modern multi-stage options just to reach a human. Instead of taking 5 minutes to get in line it only takes about 30 seconds.


- Limited to 3G Network: While being on the VW network you have stable internet for almost wherever you go. The problem is that PPC is not allowed to use VW's new and ever growing 4G LTE network.

I did a speed test with the android app. Here are the results.

Download: 825 kbps
Upload: 458 kbps
Ping: 91ms

- No benefits of a Contract: You have to buy your phones at full price. You get no discounts on phones. It can make the upfront cost of purchasing a phone very expensive. I found one way to make the price reasonable though. Buy used phones on ebay. You can find some very good phones for a reasonable price on ebay.

Plus the saving that you are raking in from the monthly charge will pay off an expensive phone in just a few months.

- Phone: PPC has their own phone selection, but they are not that good. So I always used a VW phone.

You may have noticed that in the PROS section under phone, I used the phrase that you could use "almost any VW compatible phone." Here is the exceptions that I found.

You may only bring in *used* VW phones onto the PPC network. VW refuses to let PPC use a non-activated VW phone into their network. So if your phone breaks you cannot go to the VW store and simply buy a new phone.

Since VW also refuses to let you on their 4G LTE network, you cannot even use a compatible 4G LTE compatible phone with PPC. So if your VW phone has a slot for a SIM chip, it will not work with PPC.

- Customer Support: They do not have an 24/7 service like the large carriers. The hours are relatively not that bad though.

(800) 550-2436
Monday through Saturday 9 AM – 10 PM EST
Sundays 12 PM – 8 PM EST

- Data Overage Fees: If you go over the 2 GB data on the plan it would be wise just to renew your 55 plan then. The overage fee is a little expensive.
Fortunately for me I only use a little bit under 1 GB a month.


Ultimately I enjoyed my experience with PPC. My biggest pet peeve is with VW. When I am next to the ocean in Pacific Grove and also when I am near Carmel Highlands I get next to no signal. It drives me crazy.

The thing I enjoyed most about PPC is the price and service. For $55 a month I get a great plan on a stable cell phone network carrier.

The thing I dislike the most is the upfront cost and no 4G LTE phones. I purchased a new Droid Bionic that is sitting in my bedroom. I guess Craiglist or Ebay will be having a seller soon.

My overall review is 8 stars out of 10.


On a side note, I will be transferring to another Prepaid company pretty soon though. I prefer the AT&T Network. In a few months, I will do a review of Straight Talk SIM.

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