Wonderful long weekend of wireless hacking.  I finally got an #xbee end device in API mode using cyclic sleep on an analog LM34 temperature IC.  The sampling rate is under control, although i'm still working through the details of the SN, SP and SO parameters. Not perfect yet.  Hopefully when I get some 3.3v it'll be ready to box one of them up up and it move outside.  I think I can keep the cost of the external sensor under $30.  

Next step is to get #xbee wired up to my furnace.  I want several temperature sensors and detecting on/off of the main fan of my central air.

Lessons learned: X-CTU xbee configuration application is not very robust.  I've run into many conditions where I will use it to set SN, SP, or SO settings and a subsequent read will read will report the parameter I set under a different parameter value.  For example, I set SP set to 0xAF0, write the firmware, and read again and find that SN is set to 0xAF0.  In other cases, I've seen the radio reset back to default values -- in which case the ID isn't set and it won't join up to my controller. I'm thinking that I'll have to set all the parameters with a perl script to ensure the they are set the way that I expect them to.  Now that I know this, I'm taking precautions with my device configuration settings.

Wonderful weekend geeking out.
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