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Paul McKibben
Web software developer, Drupal specialist, all-around geek and proud of it!
Web software developer, Drupal specialist, all-around geek and proud of it!

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While researching +Drupal media and asset management this morning, I found out about the Islandora project, which combines Drupal and Fedora Commons to create a robust digital asset management system. How cool is that? Gotta love the power of open source!

My "deep thought" topic for the weekend: as I work on increasingly larger websites, driven by increasingly complex teams with often-conflicting goals, I realize I need to become an expert in both Information Architecture and Content Strategy. I think I have good intuition, but I want to be able convert my hunches into words, actions, and convincing advice. My goal: to know enough to make convincing arguments that influence clients, bring all the stakeholders to concensus, and build their websites the right way. Where to begin?

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I'm proud to be a part of the Mediacurrent team! See this video we just released describing our company culture.
What is it like to work at Mediacurrent? Watch this! #drupal  

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I have a new webinar on Mediacurrent's blog on the Drupal Media initiative:

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I made my first post to the Mediacurrent blog today!

Excellent article. This is why the Web Services initiative in Drupal 8 is so important. The content strategy discussion also pertains to the taxonomy program +Danté Taylor and I have been working on with other ADUG members. Finally, it lauds NPR's "create once, publish anywhere architecture... which happens to be on Drupal!

A List Apart: Future-Ready Content
Northside, Atlanta, Georgia

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I made my first documentation edit on! I had been banging my head trying to disable a rogue module in Drupal 7, finding that setting its status to 0 in the system table did not seem to work. I finally figured out that the system list was being cached! So I added the info about the cache_bootstrap table in Drupal 7, and making sure you clear the system list from that cache.

Updating documentation is ridiculously easy! I encourage everyone to do it whenever you find something that is inaccurate or incomplete.

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The Mobile Web with Drupal
Check out our latest Mediacurrent whitepaper which is all about developing for the mobile world in Drupal. There's a heavy concentration on using the responsive Omega theme.

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