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Sometimes when I thunderdome Android apps on my phone (Two apps install! One app stays!) the winner ends up being "which one has a clear way to disable notifications." Especially when said notifications boil down to "We notice our brand hasn't been in front of yoru eyeballs for like 24 hours. We're uncomfortable with that. Please dismiss this message, we might even be dumb enough to count that as an engagement."

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This can only mean great things for the industry.
"That's why I'm here. That's why a lot of us here. We want to make games that show women — or different people — in a better light so it can perpetuate a community that's more unified and diverse."

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Imagine if your job description was "Keep the fleet of computers used by Googlers working smoothly, fix computer problems the best software engineers in the industry cannot."

Your average TechStop employee is nothing short of a hero. A hero whose brilliance is matched only by his/her patience. So I'm pleased to see them finally get an action figure. They deserve it.
New Android Google Edition Figurine: Tech Stop
/via +Erin Pierce and +Dead Zebra, Inc  #android   #lifeatgoogle  

At Google, when we have issues with our laptops, tablets or phones, we have excellent colleagues trained to make things work again, and dedicated spaces, called Tech Stop. Google's famous for its cafes, yes, but smart geniuses at Tech Stop are even better. This special edition Android figurine showcases the Tech Stop employee with a zipup jacket and mandatory Ethernet cable.

For fun, you can see a deleted "Tech Stop" scene from The Internship:
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I can't not sing the "Katamari Damaci" song every time my kid falls over and something (usually a cheerio) gets stuck to his leg.

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After 15 years, the Battle Chasers comic is being resurrected. New issues plus a video game. The last published comic book in that series ended on a cliffhanger, then the final issue was never written, and the creator left the comic book industry to go into videogame design. It was a serious WTF situation.

So I'm excited for the comic to continue, obviously. But I'll pay for the game when I have confirmation that the last level isn't missing.

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It's time to get excited!
...It's time to put on music...

Yesterday we were feeding Ford some blueberry/raspberry concoction Nikki had made with a blender. After the meal, as he laughed, dark blue goo smashed across the bottom half of his face and dribbling down his chin, I realized my son looked like the living smurfpocalypse. It was as though he'd run amok in the smurf village and savagely devoured them all.

I thought this was, you know, my diseased imagination, and wasn't going to say anything. Until Nikki looked at him and said "Weird. He looks like he just killed a bunch of smurfs."

Later he giggled, and it was adorable. At the same time, in my heart I knew that sound would haunt the souls and strike terror in the hearts of The Blue for generations to come. "The horror..." they would mumble, staring into the tiny matchstick campfires on those dark and moonless nights. "The horror."

Windows 10 was the smoothest upgrade experience I've ever had for an OS.  Before leaving for work I clicked "Upgrade now." As my computer restarted, I left.  When I came back and turned my computer on, there was a screen that, honest to god, said "Welcome Back."  3 screens of customizing privacy settings later, I was at my login.  It might've taken 8 hours, i don't know.  But in terms of my time it took maybe 60 seconds.

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The line continues to blur.

Once upon a corporate login, about to start the email sloggin',
Over replies and invites and updates galore
But upon my login screen, an error messsage! I could glean
A password had expired, and would need to be replaced once more.
Can I just put this off, as I have before?  Such a process I deplore!
Quoth the browser, "nevermore."
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