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Crystal Pave Bracelet, Tube Bracelet, Pave Bead Bracelet, Sparkly Bracelet
This multi-color crystal pave bracelet is the first of the "We love Pave  Crystal" series.   Add a touch of sparkle to your everyday outfits with this tube bracelet. Or a sparkly bracelet to brighten up your day.... This pave bead bracelet features paves an...

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Restyling Broken Jewelry
A friend needed help with some of her stretch bracelets that were broken. I decided not to re-string them all over again  as they were originally designed and since she did not mind it, I was happy to create entirely new pieces for her.   I wanted the piece...

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Charm Chain Bracelet, Beaded Charm Bracelet
charm chain bracelet was a gift for my daughter some years ago.  However, it was left sadly in the bottom of
her jewelry box.  I changed the clasp
from a lobster clasp to this flower toggle hoping that it would change her
mind.  Sadly, it did not.  So ...

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Basic Jewelry Making - The Balancing Act - Symmetrical Bracelet
has been a long log long time since my last post.  What can I say?  There were many things going on and I let
myself be drowned in it.  Not a way to
live but everyone needs a break now and then. 
We are humans, right?  We err and
we do allow many stupid ...

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Swarovski Elements Bracelet, Swarovski Charm Bracelet, Cailin
This is a Swarovski Elements bracelet with lots of movement using beautiful blue and green swarovski crystals, czech glass flower, clear quartz, filigree leaf charms and finished with a flower clasp. Truly nature inspired. This Swarovski Charm bracelet is a...

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To be or not to be.....
Since my last post, I have been struggling with myself.  I couldnt seem to get to creating anything. Either it was the wrong color or bead.  I would have the idea in my head but I could not seem to be satisfied with the result.  I have now a basket full of ...

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Peachy Pink Bracelet, Cluster Bracelet, Beaded Charm Bracelet
This peachy pink bracelet is cheerful, charming and a sure way to brighten up your day. I fell in love with the these colors, which were inspired from a bouquet of flowers I saw at a flower shop.   The owl charm really complete the outlook of this beaded ch...

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Peridot Bracelet, Green Gemstone Bracelet, Cluster Bracelet
I love the vivid green of the peridot which has just a slight hint of yellow. It is the ideal gemstone colour to go with summer and no wonder, as peridot is the birthstone for the month of August.  Y ou will notice too that the fashion world has started to ...

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Swarovski Pearl Bracelet, Pearl and Glass Bracelet, Brown Glass Bracelet
For this pearl and glass bracelet, I used some of these lovely honey brown glass beads that were given to me by my mother.  The beautiful sheen of white Swarovski Elements crystal baroque pearls pairs beautifully with the brown glass beads in this Swarovski...

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Flower Bracelet, Bohemian Bracelet
I originally started on making a bracelet of white flower in a row....but that didnt quite work.    Will have to sit and re-think it.  So I decided for something a little simpler. This flower bracelet was inspired by my love for bohemian jewelry.  I love ma...
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