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To celebrate The Piano Day - his own invention - Nils Frahm made his most recent album, "Solo", available for download for free. You can however donate money to support construction of the gigantic, five meters tall vertical piano - Klavins 450.

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Any +Uber users out there? Perhaps you could consider a bit of defiant consumer action by switching to +Lyft or other competitor available in your area?

A general remark: let's not mistake "developed" taste for "good" taste.

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Somewhere in the wild great game soundtracks are being born.

Ed Harrison - Carapace [Neotokyo OST]

( long time ago via +Michał Dziewoński )


Jake: Why do we have two Theorem 1.12's?
Dr. Vaughan: Because I can't count. You should see me trying to calculate a tip at a restaurant.
Jake: You just divide by 6.
Dr. Vaughan: But that's too hard to do!
Jake: But you're a number theorist!
Dr. Vaughan: That's precisely correct. I know the theory of dividing by 6.


I am trying to broaden my programming horizons by learning languages that I would not necessarily use at work but that would teach me different programming paradigms:

- Ruby for OOP inspired by Smalltalk
- Haskell for functional programming
- Prolog for something exotic (declarative, logical programming)
- C for becoming a coding sapper and getting out of the comfort zone provided by higher-level languages

Would any of you have other recommendations?

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#mathematics   #reddit  

There are ways to do higher mathematics only Reddit could suggest:

I'm not very clever but have managed to end up doing a PhD in higher order PDEs. The way I've come to approach problems is by something akin to echolocation. Rather than using sound to see the shape of things, though, my preferred output is idiocy. If I throw enough idiocy at a problem from enough different directions, the way it bounces back will (eventually, with some luck and feelings of shame) guide me to what I can do to solve it

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#economics   #science  

I was a bit perplexed by this post from +David Brin so I left a comment there:

Generating part of GDP does not mean contributing to it in economic terms. Alternative cost has to be taken into account.

Create a law that makes people buy services only from particular providers and these providers' share in GDP would definitely rise. Now imagine somebody wants to strike the law down. The providers start a campaign, claiming they generate so much GDP and therefore are so important the law is definitely needed.

But this argument is wrong. Were the law struck down, general welfare of the population would rise as people could buy services on a more competitive market. Would overall GDP fall? Maybe, maybe not, in fact it could rise thanks to added efficiency. Would the protected providers' share in GDP fall? Obviously. Would it be bad for the society as a whole? Obviously not.

The fact that you earn a lot and employ lots of people does not mean you should be praised or protected. It may also mean that you are utterly inefficient or lack competition. That you enjoy unfair protection from technological and market disruption. That you make everyone else worse off because the alternative cost of these protections outweighs your contribution to GDP.

And what on Earth does copyright industry have to do with science - an endeavor that thrives in conditions of freely shared data and ideas?
U.S. copyright industries contributed more than $1 trillion to the gross domestic product in 2012, accounting for 6.5% of the nation's economy.
Supporting my contention that those pushing the War on Science are unambiguously all-out traitors.
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