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Earle Swope
Firefighter/Artist (my IRS occupation description)
Firefighter/Artist (my IRS occupation description)

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Leaving on a jet plane
 Beth is. We've been here over two weeks now and Gabriel is stable and doing great but just needs to finish draining. Our other two kids at home have been doing great but they need to see Mom and she needs to see them. So I dropped Beth at the Palo Alto tra...

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Pursuing discharge
Man this place will humble you. We knew September was an outside possibility but we "knew" we would be out of here and probably home by September, Gabriel is always so strong and defies any cardiac kid stereotypes. His chest tube discharge volume needs to b...

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The Guest House
Of course Stanford has their own hotel! The Stanford Guest House is a nice, quiet, secure 4 star hotel on campus. The guest house is located adjacent to SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory) a two mile long particle accelerator (what, your alma mate...

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1 lliter per minute
Last night about 4am they removed Gabriel's breathing tube, extubation of the endotracheal tube (ET) in medical parlance.             Intubated in the CVICU.               Nice words to read on the screen after they pulled his tube. Cathy was his nurse thro...

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We checked in at the surgery center this morning at 6am. We've been through this drill a few times before. Verification of insurance and due to Gabriel's condition Idaho medicaid. Issuance of identity bracelets and taking him back the OR prep area. We met t...

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Fontan PreOP
Aunt Linda cut Gabriel's hair to a riveted audience, Aunt Julia, Grandma, Cousin Erin, and Gabriel's favorite playmate, Grandma Great. Beth and I have spent the last month arranging for Powell and Bella as they start school the day after Gabriel's surgery, ...

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The Last Propane Fill
The Summer of 16 experiment is winding to a close. It was
real, it happened, we survived, it might not have been my best decision, it was
cozy… If you didn’t know we spent the summer in a 29 foot class C motor home. Friday afternoon I filled the propane tan...

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Fireman Powell
My wife and were married for twelve
years- we hadn’t even entertained the notion of kids; those were the limiting
things that kept you from possibly, considering the accomplishment of your
dreams- in fellow dink company-‘ pariahs”. 
As we aged and about the...
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