Ex-Christians, what was the source of your first doubts?
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I graduated from a Christian school where science wasn't properly taught. I was actually taught that dinosaur bones were put there as a trick by Satan.
The whole "speaking in tongues" thing when the pastor was clearly bi-lingual.
When I first heard the story of Noah's Ark. Even then, I thought, "No possible way."

I suppressed that knowledge for many years, lest I get rapped on the knuckles by the nuns' rulers.
At my first confession. I started asking why and was never satisfied with the answer. Spent 20 minutes in there. The rest of the kids in my Catholic School class thought I had been confessing all my sins for that long. Haha! My doubts began there.
Realizing that I would pray for a cancer patient and expect them to get better, but that I would not pray for an amputee for their limb to be restored (thanks to http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/). I ran across that site while trying to become a better Christian apologist :)
Realizing that most people have better morals than the christian god.
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