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A bunch of authors got together and offer digital bundles of their games at a massive discount! Even more, when you acquire a bundle, you get to gift it to a friend as well!

Our Les Petites Choses Oubliées is in a French bundle (you also get the English version of our game) with three other games for $15: Prosopopée by +Frédéric Sintes​​, Happy by +Gaël Sacré​​ and Dominion by +Tiburce Guyard​​, or at a mere $5 with the latest issue of Worlds without Master, the sword and sorcery magazine with games and stories edited by +Epidiah Ravachol​​.

Grab them at http://www.epimas-season.com !
Tis #Epimas season, folks! And we have a ton of holiday cheer for you over at www.worldswithoutmaster.com/epimas

Over 50 titles wrapped neatly into 8 bundles jam packed with PDFs of games and other goodies. When you buy a bundle, you’ll be prompted for a loved one’s name and email address. You’ll get your PDFs immediately and on Epimas morn (Dec. 24th) your loved one will get those same PDFs delivered to their inbox.

So tell your friends and loved ones you could use a little…

Good Will,
Or Mirth…

…this holiday season. And spread the same, because couldn’t we all use some?

Also, don’t miss the Stocking Stuffers, pairs of games for you and your loved one for just $5. More stocking stuffer deals are added every day from here until Epimas (Dec. 24th)!
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