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Starting Heart of the Swarm. Thinking of blogging about it. #hots #sc2 #ibwmf

TSM is known as a super aggressive team. Will @TheOddOne play deeply inside comPLexity's jungle? DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNN. #LCS

An amazing match to start off week three of the LCS! Catch this one on Youtube later when you have 30m.

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The LCS is about to begin! Go to for the feed. First game is CLG vs Solomid. Good luck! #eSports #LoL

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Embloggening. #LoL #eSports #ibwmf

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I have an itch to play some Blizzard games. This may be problematic, as I forget which device I have my Mobile Authenticator on.

Techdirt with an informational piece on EA's ridiculous always-on DRM for the upcoming SimCity.

There's a new donate button on the page, but it hasn't quite been tested yet. If you want to be a guinea pig though, go right ahead.
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