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Here's the latest thing I'm working on ! -- a short story called "Humanesques."

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I'm moving my blogs from JawsoftheVortex to... my new blogspot: ArtReligionPolitics. 

So... They're not all gems, in retrospect.  But this one's fun.

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Here's the newest thing I'm working on ! -- a short story called "Humanesques."

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This photo taken at Artown by a local photographer.  (Forgot his name, but a really nice guy.)

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Utopian Future Synopsis
Here's a synopsis for my #UtopianFutureNovel !  Starting to send out queries. AND  THE  SEAS  SHALL  FLOW  WITH  LEMONADE :   SYNOPSIS General Josef Faber is going stir-crazy after ten years of living on Roanoke, the first colony on Mars.  (They’ve lost con...

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p.s. I'm running for Nevdada State Senate !
I put up a bunch of junk about that on Facebook--or I used to: If you really want to be a pal [or a doll, whatever], you could donate to my campaign ! I think I will have to form some committee: ...

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# 0.   I arrive at
3:45.   Think that should be enough time. # 1. At first, they tell me "1 hour wait time."
Then, I get status updates, and it keeps getting longer. 69, 75, 89 minutes... I ask lady at desk why that is. "Oh. Maybe people got
dropped, but th...

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"Who Could that Be at This Hour?" An Unfortunate Review.
read Lemony Snickett's "Who Could That be at This Hour" ? (I should be
doing other stuff, but...) Lemme see if I can nail down why I don't
like it: 1. Too much mysterious suspense and foreshadowing. Not
enough real stuff happening now, in the pr...

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Me against Amazon and Twilight the keyword !
I got an email from Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing people, saying: During a quality assurance review of your catalog, we found that the search keywords for the following book(s) are misleading to our customers:

The House of the Midnight Sun (ID: B00D47...
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