Due to changes in the Terms of Service for the Play store, NoNonsense Notes will no longer accept in-app donations. Theme-switching will thus be unlocked for all users at the end of this month.

The changes to the Terms of Service state that authors of paid apps, or apps with in-app purchases, are now required to:

- Display their address publicly in the play store.

While it is certainly quite trivial to locate my home-address with a little detective work, that is not the same as making it available for simple web-scraping in the play store.

- Reply to customer support e-mails within 3 days.

While I have really tried to reply to all e-mails I get, it is not possible for me to guarantee a 3 day response time 365 days of the year.

So, I am removing the element of the app which puts these requirements on me.
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