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Dave Mckenna
Scutiny full time, PhD part time, social media sometimes
Scutiny full time, PhD part time, social media sometimes


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101 Thinking out loud about democracy
So, this is the last post of the localopolis blog.  I'm writing it just before the 2017 version of the notwestminster event.  I’ve got a new project to get started and so now seems to be the right time to conclude.  Also, to be fair, I did say I would write...

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100. The wiki constitution
Constitution of Athens, British Museum Credit Ok, so only one more of the 101 localopolis posts to go after this. As this is 100 I thought it would be cool to link back to my first in April 2010 (!!).  In that post I suggested that the messy complexities of...

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98. The Citizens' Chest
[I said when I started this blog that I would share 101 ideas .  I'm now getting near the end so I'm having a final push.  I found this in my drafts and thought it was worth sharing - so here it is.] Turns out that the Community Chest on the Monopoly board ...

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97. Councillor Question and Answer Pages
This is something I picked up at the recent Nesta Digital Democracy Day (I wrote about the day  here ).  The idea was one of many included in a rich presentation from super cool Taiwan ‘Digital’ Minister without Portfolio, Audrey Tang . Upon taking office e...

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96. Another 32 public engagement ideas for scrutineers to try
This is the write up from my Purposeful Public Engagement Workshop at the 2016 Centre for Public Scrutiny Annual Conference: ‘ Democracy, governance and the truth ’. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the event as a whole – some excellent speakers and an op...

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95. Five more public engagement ideas for scrutiny from the National Assembly for Wales
photo credit Here are some more great ideas that I have picked up from the National Assembly for Wales.  Thanks to the fantastic Kevin Davies for sharing these in what was a sort of unofficial fringe event we had just before GovCampCymru (by the way, big th...

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94. Support your scrutiny connectors
Scrutiny committees at the national and the local level depend on a wide range of people when gathering evidence.  Most of the time people contribute for free but should we do more to support, recognise and reward them?  This was a question asked by Kevin D...

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93. Design government and democracy around citizens not services
Photo credit OK, so this is the pitch I am thinking about for govcampcymru . It's taking place on the 24 September in Cardiff. What might government and democracy in Wales look like if we designed around what people need as citizens rather than what they ne...

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92. Design experiments for local democracy
Photo credit The notwestminster work we have been doing is seriously great and the folks involved have achieved a lot.  There have been two brilliant events, many ideas generated and lots of new connections made.  From the stuff done so far we have settled ...

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91. An assessment for public services opportunities
Photo credit I'm developing something for our Public Services Board (local strategic partnership) that will help them set up working groups to address priorities that they have identified.  I'm sharing this partly in search of feedback and partly as it may ...
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