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Dizzanne Billy
"She believed she could, so she did."
"She believed she could, so she did."

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Are you taking part in the +Climate Tracker's 1.5 to survive and thrive campaign? If you do, you may win a fully-funded fellowship to attend COP 23 in Germany.
Here are some tips from yours truly to boost your climate writing.
If you have any questions or need assistance to get your articles published, feel free to contact me at
Remember to sign up for Caribbean Climate Trackers here :…/1FAIpQLSflo_qQVoqCuteBGw…/viewform

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"Will affairs between Cuba and the U.S. continue to thaw and the decades-old trade embargo be lifted in our lifetime? Or will the détente be halted under the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress?"
#Cuba #CaribbeanConnections #WordsInTheBucket +Words in the Bucket

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Monteverde is the epitome of beauty! This video barely scratches the surface...
#TriniTrips #CostaRica

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"These Caribbean countries show that small does not equal powerless. By coming together to unite our efforts and resources, we will stand a higher chance of transforming climate wins into triumphs for the region and building a safer world for future generations."

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Don't underestimate the socio-political power of a hashtag.

#LifeInLeggings #IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange #CaribbeanConnections #LeaveMeAlone
#Barbados, #Caribbean, #GenderBasedViolence(GBV), #SexualViolence, #SocialMovement, #UnitedNations, #Women'SRights#CaribbeanConnections The Barbados-born #LifeInLeggings movement has not only provided victims of gender based violence (GBV) and sexual violence in Caribbean countries with a safe, but effective platform for sharing their stories and experiences, it has also brought about changes in policies affecting women's rights and safety on the ground level.

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2017 was marked as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism by the United Nations 70th General Assembly. The Caribbean has the opportunity to lead the tourism industry towards sustainability.

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"Like him or loathe him, Castro’s Cuban Revolution was a clear cry for freedom, social justice, and autonomous leadership, and it is one that continues to resonate with developing countries throughout the Caribbean region." #CaribbeanConnections +Words in the Bucket

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"Trinidad and Tobago should be on board and should have ratified the Paris Agreement…yesterday."
#ClimateTracker #COP22 #TrackingCOP22

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Hey guys! Check out my concluding piece for dedicated to #Calypso  History Month in #TrinidadAndTobago. :) +Words in the Bucket  #CaribbeanConnections  

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I hope you enjoy reading my latest piece for +Words in the Bucket#CaribbeanConnections column.
"These Calypso women lay the foundation for the development of young female calypsonians and the ongoing evolution of calypso music."
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