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Looking Back at the Siege of Britain, I:Small Boats, Small Ports, Small Coals
"Tree-"class minesweeper HMS Bronington , lying derelict in the Mersey This post  should be "Postblogging Technology, April 1947, I;" but my rotation off night shift was marked by a spell of 11 days working out of 13 (some of them in particularly grueling d...

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God Speed the Plough: Swords Into Ploughshares
Because Superman is based on Moses, and Thor is based on, well, Thor.  At his Temple of A Million Years at Medinet Habu, Ramesses III (r. 1186--1155 BC) celebrates his victory over an enemy who comes from the midst of the sea. No further details are necessa...

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Technical Appendix: Apollonian Days
I was going to go with "Apollonian Days of Future Past," but too wordy. I'm still going to keep the image of Old Wolverine getting barbecued, even though I'd need to write an essay in this block to explain why.  Source I'm referring to the Armstrong Whitwor...

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A Very Brief and Non-Technical Appendix About Then and Now
Something I read this afternoon, slightly edited.. "Economists are very worried about the decline in labor’s share of U.S. national income... ...For dec...

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Postblogging Technology, March 1947, II: The Only Bad Publicity
R_.C_., Oriental Club, London, England. Dear Father: I  expected to find you haunting the Reform Club with your cousin. Or perhaps the Royal Air Force Club; but I should have known. Have you kept a membership these long years? Uncle George is always grumbli...

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Further to the Last: New Light, Not Necessarily On The Converting Sacrament
Lameen and Graydon have been bugging me for years to subject my crackpot hypothesis to DNA testing. It may seem like I've been ignoring them, but, in reality, I've been creating elaborate counterarguments in my head, which I would have talked about already ...

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Gathering the Bones, 19: Sinners Before An Angry He Who Wears Human Heads as Earrings
* It's properly time to for me to be reviewing technology news from March of 1947, but I have some time off this week, and my last post leaves me dissatisfied. I mean, who cares that Veronica is dark and brunette, or that George Washington was a redhead? * ...

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Gathering the Bones, 18: Hew Down the Bridge!
Then none was for a party—   Then all were for the state; Then the great man helped the poor,   And the poor man loved the great; Then lands were fairly portioned!   Then spoils were fairly sold: The Romans were like brothers   In the brave days of old. The...

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Postblogging Technology, March 1947, I: Rocket Is For Emergency Use Only
Source. R_.C_. Washington Square Hotel, New York. Dear Father: I hope this catches up with you before you board ship for England. I've included a private and confidential from Uncle George, who has been talking to the people behind the Dick Barton serials -...
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