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Andrew Small
I grew up around history, now I'm recording its first draft.
I grew up around history, now I'm recording its first draft.

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Rookie's Guide to Political Forecasting
don’t need to be a whiz kid like Nate Silver to predict the next election. FiveThirtyEight’s
ambition may be to expand the scope of data journalism but Silver’s famous
prediction of every state’s winner in the 2012 election bolsters his reputation
as a ...

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Theodore Roosevelts Worst Valentine's Day - February 14, 1884
On this day in 1884, Theodore Roosevelt's mother and wife died. His wife, Alice Lee, had given birth to their daughter, Alice, two days prior to her passing.

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Mark Twain's Letter to His Wife - November 22, 1888

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The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act: Public Policy Analysis
Introduction             In 1993, Congress
passed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, named for an assistant to
President Ronald Reagan, James Brady. Brady had been critically wounded in an
assassination attempt on the president in 1981 near the c...

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Fantasy Congress: The INSTALL Act (Internet Neutrality, Stability, and Telecom Allowance Act)
             The Internet
Neutrality, Stability, and Telecom Allowance Act (INSTALL Act) would establish rules
for net neutrality, build network infrastructure, and codify parts of the FCC’s
National Broadband Plan into law. [1] The bill would restrict gove...

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House of Cards: Immigration Reform Subsystems
             Immigration as an issue stirs passions because people have to pick between American principles. Reform
requires negotiating beliefs about liberty and security, law and morality, and
opportunity and inclusiveness. Immigration reform impacts cent...

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The Ballot or the Bullet: Malcolm X and Rosa Parks
Fifty years ago on April 12,
Malcolm X declared that 1964 would be the year of “ The Ballot or the Bullet .”     At King Solomon Church, Malcolm X outlined his principles for a philosophy he termed
Black Nationalism. He urged listeners to cast
ballots like ...

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NPR Internship Clips
Before He Fell To Earth, 'The Little Prince' Was Born In N.Y. by  MARGOT ADLER  -  January 25, 2014 11:37 AM Maryland Drug Officials Worry Over A Deadly Mixture by   ALLISON KEYES  -  February 06, 2014  4:00 PM Prepared VOX and ambience, pulled DeBlasio sou...

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Premium Bonds Sidebar for "Groups Use Cash To Encourage Saving" - NPR
In Britain, "Savings With A Thrill"

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