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CoCo Key Water Resort - Hotel - Convention Center Waterbury
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20 degrees outside. 84 degrees in the Water Park. Sounds like an easy choice.
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Here is my number I await ur call 6462884138
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3580 E Main St Waterbury, CT 06705
3580 East Main StreetUSConnecticutWaterbury06705
Hotel, Resort
Water Park
The CoCo Key Water Park Resort in Waterbury, Connecticut has an indoor water park and offers luxurious hotel amenities and accommodations for families and groups coming to Waterbury.
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Relaxed resort featuring an indoor water park, a convention center & overnight accommodations.- Google
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Kyia Wilson's profile photo
Kyia Wilson
3 weeks ago
I was very skeptical after reading the reviews but I stepped out anyway and did not regret my decision. The family and I had an awesome time! We did get hit with the snow storm while up there but it was worth it for the fun we did have. It is very KID friendly. Not something for adults to really partake in but that is expected and I appreciate that. I did not get a chance to go into the Hotel because it was booked but we stayed elsewhere. There could have been more games in the game room that worked but overall we had a great time. I won so many tickets in the game room that I took all the tickets out the machine. Lol. They had to refill it twice after me. Awesome Job CoCoKey We will be back again!
• • •
Response from the owner - 2 weeks ago
Thank you for your kind feedback. Your experience is very typical, in fact. We host thousands of families every week and the overwhelming majority have a terrific time, (as you and your family did.)
Phillip Kraese's profile photo
Phillip Kraese
in the last week
The only thing I liked about this place was checkout!!!! This place is horrible!!! We named it Ghetto Great Wolf!!! There was pot smoking going on in the rooms. We came the day after they supposedly shut down and dis a full cleaning. You could have fooled me, the water was filthy!!! Everything was overcrowded and dirty. And no towels. We decided to go to the hotel pool and that was just as bad. Dirty water, at least 50 people in a pool that says 23 max. You couldnt get near the hot tub nor would you want to. The atrium area had the feel of being in a tenament in the Bronx. Clothes hanging from everywhere, naked kids on the balconies. The only thing it was missing was a few bicycles, satellite dishes and a burned out car. Lets get to the resturant. The line stretched to the elevator, the staff was moving in reverse. I have never seen tables cleaned so slowly. I finally told them I would do it myself. The room smelled of smoke, the TV wasnt clear, the carpet was dirty. Loud and obnoxious people in the halls at all hours. Forget the arcade, I bought cards for myself and the kids and I swear the games must charge double and triple because our cards were empty in no time after playing a few games. I didnt even bother to complain because there was a huge line at the counter. All in all I would never return nor recommend anyone else to visit!!!!!
• • •
Riley S.'s profile photo
Riley S.
3 weeks ago
Mmmm... no. I went there this past November for a teen group, and I was skeptical about going there. I was smart to read the reviews before and I expected the park to not be great. I never really went in the water because it was crowded, except for when I went in the lazy river. I wouldn't have called it "lazy" because there were kids zooming through and they were pushing me. I also didn't think the water was sanitary, and it felt uncomfortable. The only thing I actually did was play DDR in the arcade room, only because I enjoyed playing the game when I was younger. I also had to have a mentor walk around with me, even though I was 17 (I turned 18 last month) and I am definitely more than capable to wander off by myself, and this was when I went to the bathroom and when I ordered food. A couple mentors are a grade younger than me. Makes sense, right? Sure. But anyway, I ordered fries and a chocolate milkshake. The food was meh. I had better fries, especially at my local diner (BEST fries ever. They are to die for!). The milkshake was sad. I had to eat something, but it was hard because I'm trying to watch what I eat, and the food is basically burgers, fries, and pizza. My overall experience... if I rated this out of 10 stars, I'd give it a disappointing 2. Sorry, Coco Keys :(
• • •
Response from the owner - 2 weeks ago
I'm not sure you are reviewing the correct CoCo Key, Riley. (We don't serve milk shakes at our location.)
Jessica Murphy
a month ago
I am a current guest at coco key here in Waterbury and I have had a wonderful experience so far. The hotel staff really is friendly, and do the best they can when something needs to be fixed. Shawnta the hotel manager is really caring, friendly, and over all works really hard to make sure people have a good experience, the security guard here is awesome as well, and it's comforting to know there is someone here that can handle any problems that occure, yes the cops have been called a few things but really when you think about it at least the staff acts on what happens and handles it properly, it's bot there fault it's not like they can tell who the trouble makers are.. As far as the smell of the pool,come on at least you know it's being cleaned. How ever, my complaint would be a few of the house keepers, I feel it is very rude to be yelling and screaming at each other in front of guest, just because it's in Portuguese does bot mean people can't understand, that needs to not only be address but taken care of. That is my only complaint, I Will recommend coco key to my family who come to visit,.. To the people who find the staff disrespectful I strongly disagree, respect works both ways, give and you shall receive. They are hard working people just like everyone else..
• • •
Response from the owner - a month ago
I appreciate you taking the time to share your kind comments, Jessica. I will be sure to share them with Shawnta. I will also talk to the housekeeping supervisor so she can address the behavior of the housekeepers. Thanks again!
Monica Bambery
2 weeks ago
READ THIS BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR TRIP: This place is not for normal people. Anyone that writes anything positive about this place has never been anywhere else. If you want to go to a place where you can let children as young as three wander around by themselves to all hours of the night while you are doing drugs in your hotel room then this is the place for you. If this is not on. I do not know how this place can legally operate. The water was a greyish black color. The only way that you can get on any of the tubes is to wait 20 minutes for a raft because the staff does not care about enforcing any kind of rules. No one cleans up anything so there is garbage and left over food everywhere and I mean everywhere. The sofa bed that we had requested for our son had a giant pee stain on the cushion when we took it off. You could hardly move around the actual water park because it was way over capacity. When we finally were overcome with the chaos...we decided to go to the hotel pool. Sadly, it was the same grey/black color and there was hardly an open spot in the pool. So exhausted at this point, I decided to sit in the crowded hot tub; but, as soon as I did I was overcome with a powerful ammonia smell and immediately got out. There was also a ton of garbage all around the pool with no one maintaining it. When we tried to go to bed, the hallways were filled with children running up and down the halls slamming doors with hardly a parent in sight and this went on until 2am. There is no security and when we checked out at 5am, there was only one, very young, staff member at the desk. If this sounds like the place for your family...go ahead and book it.
• • •
Sterling S Mtr's profile photo
Sterling S Mtr
in the last week
I brought my son for his 8th birthday on March 22 2015. We got there it was really crowded. We went and asked for our lockers and some towels the girl said they didn't have any. After awhile we were finally able to get some. We went into the pool areas for a bit. I brought my son to the little pool where you can walk across the "lily pads". I was just trying to make the life guard aware that my son is a really nervous kid - before he walked across - she turns around yells at me and says " I'M A LIFE GUARD THAT'S WHAT I DO!!" Im like excuse me there is no need to be rude! Later I found out this same Life Guard yelled at my husband because he didn't know where he was suppose to get a tube. He tried to take one from one area and bring it to another. ( They all look a like) She then proceeded to yell at him to get one from the middle area in which all of the tubes were deflated. :/ So my son never even got to float around that little circle area where you can just sit in the tube. Meanwhile there was a bunch just sitting in the water next to the giant slide. We only stayed for a little bit in the pool area. We then decided to get dress and try the arcade upstairs. We got up there we decided what games we were going to play, we put one of our bags of wet clothing on the ground SOMEONE WALKED BY AND STOLE IT!!! Our Wet clothes!!! We went to the front arcade desk try to ask some questions nothing! We then went downstairs to try to talk to the front desk people in hopes someone thought it was just left behind and turn it in Nothing!!! The front desk tried to send us to lost and found. Lost and found tried to send us to the front desk. I asked if they had any cameras - NO Cameras! So I ask the front desk guy to take my number just incase. I waited until Monday to give a call they were closed. Closed Tues. Wens. Left some more messages nothing. FINALLY later in the day I spoke with Shaunta one of the managers. She said that no one even told her anything. She told me to give a call to Tom M. on Friday at 4 pm. I called - got transferred, hung up on, no one picked up, transferred, hung up on again. Finally spoke with some woman that was suppose to be a manager She said she would look into it and give a call back. She calls me back to tell me Im sorry cant find anything. That maybe they are going to be putting some cameras in the arcade room She hasn't really heard anything. There's nothing i can do for you. When she called me back the first time she said she was going to look into who he person was that was working as a life guard the time i had told her when the situation happened. She didn't even say anything about that. ....... When I brought my son there when he was younger The workers seemed more pleasant, Happy to help. I felt like it is poorly run now. Everything seems so unorganized. You cant get in contact with anyone. No one seemed willing to help/ return any of the million messages I left. I even tried calling the line where you can make reservations and it took them forever to pick up the phone to just tell me to hold on and never pick up again and then hang up on me. When I called back again the phone just rang....I AM HIGHLY DISGUSTED AND WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN!!! And My son got sick after being there as well......
• • •
Jesse Cabral
a month ago
Water Park is unorganized, food service is horrible, no one making sure guests are taken care of. Lazy river closed, one slide closed. Ice cream machine out of service a few soft drink choices out of service. low quality experience for the $. I strongly believe management must be absent. no toilet paper in women's room and 50% of arcade games broken in arcade room.
Response from the owner - a month ago
Sorry for your experience. I will bring up your feedback to both the Water Park and food service managers.
Maiary Colon's profile photo
Maiary Colon
a month ago
Never ever in my life would a book a birthday party here! It was just a terrible experience. I just had my son's 9th birthday here this past weekend and to sum it all up it sucked! Walking into the facility it is a beautiful place but POORLY POORLY POORLY managed. Birthday parties, reservations and walk ins all registered at computer with one employee at the check in counter .We were told to be here by 2:15 i was here at 2pm. There was a crowd of at lease 40 people including 10 that were with me. Employee looked alittle overwhelmed but clearly state that it wasn't that bad shes dealt with alot worse! When I was finally able to get to the counter and check in for the party i had already waited 15 minutes.There was a birthday party checking-in in front of me she had to be asked to step to the side because her contract was no where to be found. We were given a few of the bands not directed where to go so after guessing we were on our own we found an employee and he escorted us to the upper deck which was "reserved" for party. There was no space for our party. We waited well over 45 minutes for our table because some people who didn't have parties were using the deck and staff were waiting for people to leave. My party was supposed to start at 2:30 The kids didn't actually start swimming until about 3:30. the party packages states its 2 hours of swim time before the party room and arcade but because of the poor management we only had 1. There wasn't enough birthday candles for a 9 year old and the cake its self looked like my children made it at home. The whole birthday experience was horrible. The hot tub clearly has a sign that says 18 and older but while i was in there for 20 minutes i was splashed out by 10-15 kids from ages 2 to about 10. There isn't anyone supervising this and God forbid something does happen to a child a sign isn't going to a difference! This place needs to retrain ALL staff and come up with a better system for communication.
• • •