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jon sheard
JRSpublishing helps people realise their weight loss dreams! Weight Loss, Exercise, Diet, Motivation & Healthy Living.
JRSpublishing helps people realise their weight loss dreams! Weight Loss, Exercise, Diet, Motivation & Healthy Living.

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Kick Ass Motivation
There's nothing else to say...

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A Bowl of oats for breakfast and an oat-flour roll at lunch
is enough to cut the risk of a heart attack! Experts say following such a diet can reduce harmful
cholesterol levels by almost 20 per cent. Research reveals that oats contain a life-saving compound...

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How to Train Your Abs
Your abs are no different than your other muscles.   Work them
hard within reasonable repetition ranges. Use variety, such as repetitions to
muscular fatigue at 8-12, 15-20, or 25-40. Mix it up like you'd do with other
exercises. Here are my suggestions (cl...

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The Best Foods To Burn Belly Fat!
Eat these foods as snacks or as part of your eating program, try to combine as many as possible with each meal. Remember the easy way to ensure you are eating the right foods is to try and have as much colour as possible on your plate at all times. Combine ...

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Beautiful Booty!

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Define Your Motivation
Weight loss is a three-part process: Exercising and cutting
calories are vital, but your mental outlook can mean the difference between
success and failure. "Self-defeating thoughts are often the most overlooked
factors when a dieter gets off track," says J...

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Freeze Your Fruit
FRUIT YOU CAN FREEZE! Bananas – Bananas will darken in colour and be mushy, but
they’re perfect for baking and smoothies.  For use in smoothies, peel and
cut ripe bananas into quarters, flash freeze on a tray, then store in freezer
bags.  For baking, you ca...

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Lose Weight This Week
Breakfast (Everyday)   2-3 Nuts (almonds), one fruit
(preferably apple) and fresh fruit juice. Or 2-3 eggs (without yolks) and fresh
fruit juice/Tea/Coffee. Day 1 (Monday) Lunch: Salad, roti, vegetable and curd. Dinner: Salad, fruits and boiled veggies. Day...

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Don't Be A Quitter!

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Stop Snacking in 2 Seconds!
Have a habit of eating unhealthy snacks? Blame your meddling
mind: When choosing what to eat, your brain automatically factors taste into
the decision before you consider whether it's good for you, finds new research
from California Institute of Technology....
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