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Bruce Cohen
I have spent several turns on the Wheel of Re-invention.
I have spent several turns on the Wheel of Re-invention.

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Genocide happens when the world stands on the sidelines and says nothing. We cannot allow this to happen.
Demand that URGENT action be IMMEDIATELY taken to save the Rohingya. Spokesperson - Secretary General 212-963-7162 #RohingyaNOW    

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No spork?
When choosing a polearm, roll + nerdy. On 10+, pick 3 of the following; on 7–9, pick 1: 
• Bill 
• Fauchard 
• Fork 
• Glaive 
• Guisarme 
• Voulge 

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More arguments against modeling the mind as a computation on computer brain. Early in my career I worked in a lab that was mapping visual cortex; that experience has made me very skeptical of the notion that the brain is a computer.

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+Alice Cabrera As a guy, I have to say I agree that these women look a lot more sexy in reasonable armor than the typical chain mail bikini babe.
Going to work on building a photo album of "Women in Reasonable Armor" for photo references for drawing and such. I'll be adding pictures to it as I find them for anyone interested. #womeninreasonablearmor  
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