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Welcome to 2014! Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks
Welcome to 2014! Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks
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c'est la vie oui
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Melita DKmel

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When you go out danced or not ?? Your country dancing ???
Do not know why but in my country people has stopped dancing !!! just have a drink and look around .... :\  Can you tell me if this happens in your own country ??? some years ago people dance nonstop. I do not know why stop :(   is sad !!!! I love dance !!!! 

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+Brian Altman simply, move your feet in a song! just that! is so easy!! :D
+Petar Pecanic thanks :D 
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Melita DKmel

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Merlin will never ~truly~ end: it lives on in Merlin The Game.
I Don't know if you've ever seen Merlin on BBC One (is a very nice epic Adventure - "kids" tv series i love it!! yes yes i am not kid huhu. Me best of is Lancelot episodes. why he died,why why why ... grrrr ) If you don't know check the video : Merlin - Season 4 Trailer (Fan-made)

I found game in fb and is good !!! I give some game SS, my noob lvls huhuh. I think you'll like! I like it, is real time adventure game (just use full screen & hot keys for skill - potions). 

If you want to save the Camelot with Merlin and become a Knight of the Round Table:

*Need better graphics but is nice, reminded me something like "Diablo I".
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hii game grl...hw r u ????
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Melita DKmel

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Merry Christmas everyone & Good Morning !!! 

Guinness World Records - Best of 2012
From Felix Baumgartner's incredible leap from the edge of space to Chandra Bahdur Dangi being declared the shortest man of all time, 2012 has been a truly amazing year for record breaking.
To wrap the year up, here's a compilation of some of the highlights from the past 12 months.
Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare footage provided courtesy of Hot Wheels (Mattel, Inc.)
Avengers footage provided courtesy of Marvel Studios, Inc.
Tom Schaar 1080 footage and Red Bull Stratos photos provided courtesy of Red Bull Media House N.A., Inc
Psy 'Gangnam Style' footage provided courtesy of Island Records
FEATURING 'Thumbs Up' by Kill The Noise & Feed Me, courtesy of OWSLA via +Guinness World Records youtube
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Melita DKmel

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21 Dec 2012 - Mayan Calander End - But Is Just Another Day is not the end of the world!!!! Don't Panic and don't do stupid things!!!

You can search on youtube there are too many crazy, horrible, catastrophic and fan video huhu but definitely is not the end of the world!!

Fun video 2012 End of the World : 2012: End of the World
END OF THE WORLD PRANK CALL "December 21st 2012 End Of The World"

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were still here
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Melita DKmel

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Good evening !! I'm still here. 
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+Alexa Clark i am not play mobile crime city :( only fasebook :)
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Melita DKmel

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Black Ops 2  Top-Gamer Resets Stats After DDoS Attacks 
  “Retrominano” has been forced to reset his stats after suffering abuse from other players and constant DDOS attacks.

"M2AF: I'm sending this message from my PC, I can only connect to xbox for like 10 minutes per day because some guy from the US is DDOSing me, so I won't be online." 


This is crazy!!! O.O If anyone has more info pm me!!!
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+Melita DKmel Thanks! Although Nexon is fucking up the servers really bad atm xD
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Melita DKmel

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Time left until year 2013 around the world!! Let's start countdown !!
Countdown Link:
Thank you all for the incredible time we spent together!! Thank you for the hours we play together!! Thank for all things I learned from you!! 

Never Forget : You're alive, that means you have infinite potential. You can do anything, make anything and dream anything. You can change the world.

Amazing 2012 goodbye !!

Times squeare - EarthCam : &

Fireworks - Eve New Year's 2013 - Video (Edit Part):
Auckland, New Zealand : Auckland Fireworks New Years Eve 2012-2013
Sydney, Australia : Sydney New Years Eve Midnight Fireworks 2012-2013
Hong Kong , China :  Hong Kong brings in 2013 with a bang New Year 2013 Hong Kong Fireworks - 2013 Hong Kong Fireworks HD Video - Happy New Year
Melita DKmel's profile photoDimitris Andreou's profile photo
Fireworks - Eve New Year's 2013 - Video (comment will be re- edit for new video)
Auckland, New Zealand : Auckland Fireworks New Years Eve 2012-2013
Sydney, Australia : Sydney New Years Eve Midnight Fireworks 2012-2013
Hong Kong , China : Hong Kong brings in 2013 with a bang  New Year 2013 Hong Kong Fireworks - 2013 Hong Kong Fireworks HD Video - Happy New Year
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Melita DKmel

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2012 in Gaming: The Year in Under 2 Minutes
Missing mmorpg games but is nice video :) 
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10,090 people
  • I'm just a Gamer !!
Love isn't brains, children. It's blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will.
Add me - Crime City!!  ;D (also play and zombie lane & Army Attack)

I am a (old school internet) gamer so always i use a nickname...  
I miss the times when we all did this. Do you remember when we where told: "do not give your real information on internet"  

what really happpend ? Everything have been changed so much.. Fortunately in games, we can still use a nickname. I hope this never changes ... 

when i was growing up the internet meant something very different to me. It meant a connection to the world. It meant something that would connect us all together. And i was sure that is was going to be great but there's this shift...
And so, why am in a social network ? simply because it's fun and i can play online games...  
This is my face on social networks... Melita was the name of my first dual dagger class in an RPG game... and fan & game is what i do in social networks. DKmel is my RPG nickname...

I am a normal girl using a nickname...  
I search for games... Am a gamer, that's all !! 

Recommended by Melita :

Add me - Google Plus Gamers ( My page for you )
G+ Game Companion ( Chrome Extension)

Melita is my social game land ! See you in game ; )

Playing:  This games play now is not all ;) 

Vindictus, Dekaron, Warmides, Crime City (G+ & FB), Zombie lane (G+ & FB), Army Attack (G+ & FB) , MapleStory (FB), Shadow Fight (G+),Kingdom Age(G+), Zombies Online - Gunshine (FB),  Zombie Misfits (FB), bubble Witch Saga(G+)

Played: too many ... xmm .. These played for more than 10 months .. xmm I don't remember all ...xmmmm ok ok !!! ... These remember now ;)

Lineage 2, Diablo I II & III , 2Moons, Rappelz, WOW, ROSE Online, Shaiya, RF Online, Mu Online, Tantra Online, 9Dragons, Ninja Saga (FB), Edgeworld (FB), Miscrits (FB),Travian

& same extra Kids games (huhu i have niece) Theme Hospital, Farmerama ,The Sims

Wish this :  Cabal II  and some more ... 
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