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Upside-down World
Upside-down World - Putting Kids on Top of the World!
Upside-down World - Putting Kids on Top of the World!


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Our campaign has just ended and we’d like to thank all the wonderful people who gave us a hand.

We were able to reach a bit more than $4,300 with the help of over 160 funders.

We will now work diligently to complete and deliver all those books that you supported.

Again, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Always yours, whether we’re up or down,
Noga & Moti
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The very last stretch! 21 hours to go so please support us and encourage reading! any contribution helps! Thanks!
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#education  is key for a brighter #future. Join us in making it so for our kids and yours.
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8 days left to raise $6k. It is do-able and possible if you all help us! Help us change the future of #reading  and spark kids' imagination all over the world! What do you say? are you in?
click the link, contribute (anything helps!), leave us a comment and share with your friends and family! Let's do something that matters!
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We're having a referral contest on our Indiegogo campaign!!

This is your chance to show your support in another way and win our cool perks!

Each of our 5 most active supporters will be getting the $88 worth perk of a dedicated book!

The referral contest rules:

- Contest starts today, January 24th and ends on January 29th.

- Each referral to the Upside-Down World campaign ( will get you 1 point. When you refer someone, you MUST use the social buttons on our campaign page (see screenshot below). This is how we track it and we don't want to miss your entries!

- You will be ranked based on how many people you have referred to our campaign, and the combined contribution amount from those referrals.

- Have connections with the media? Good! We'll give you 500 extra bonus points for getting articles about Upside-Down World published in major news websites such as: CNN, BBC, NY Times and /or leading educational magazines or blogs... (just make sure to let us know about it!!)

- Top 5 referrers will get the dedicated book as well as a all the cool perks leading up to this contribution level (the thank you, the wall paper, the riddles and more!). We'll also shout out our thank you all over the net to let the whole world know how awesome you are!

So what do you have to do participate?

1. Log into #indiegogo   with your username and password.

2. Go to our campaign page 

3. Find the social buttons just below the video (see image).

4. Use the Share This Campaign URL code or social buttons to share via your favorite networks.

Bring us the goodness friends :)
Ready? Steady...GO!!!! 
#referralcontest   #crwodfunding  
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We made it to the first page on the "Writing" category on Indiegogo! Thank you for the ongoing support! Keep it up please! Share, comment and let us know you're out there!
#indiegogo   #crowdfunding   #writing   #reading   #kidsbooks   #education  
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So who are we and why did we decide to write a book?
This is what we wrote on our #indiegogo  page:
Who created Upside-down World?
It was created by Noga Friedman and Moti Friedman for their five children and for all the other children of the world. Noga (PhD) is a writer and artist whose works have been shown in numerous exhibitions, including at Les Artistes Français in Paris. Moti (PhD) is also a writer and artist who has created works that can be found in many countries, including the USA, the UK and France. In addition, both are award-winning educators.
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Hi everyone! So nice to find this community :) We are Moti & Noga, husband and wife and we have 5 kids! We created a book that we wrote and illustrated to encourage them to read. 

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Help make it happen for us! We encourage children to read by sparking their imagination with our illustrated book, that can be turned upside-down to reveal more!
Check out our #indiegogo  campaign and help us please! 
Share it, support it, give us a shout! 
Let's get kids #reading  !
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