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Yonassan Gershom
Author of "Beyond the Ashes" and "Jewish Themes in Star Trek" plus other books, vegetarian activist, peacemonger.
Author of "Beyond the Ashes" and "Jewish Themes in Star Trek" plus other books, vegetarian activist, peacemonger.

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Why Ivanka Trump's Judaism is no proof her father is not a bigot
Every time I bring up the topic of neo-Nazis and other antisemites who support Donald Trump, I get this answer from his supporters: "But he can't be antisemitic, his own daughter is Jewish." Here's why that does not fly with me. My own wife, Caryl, converte...

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Star Trek at 50: Spock, Jews, and autism
Today is the 50th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Star Trek. Lake every other Trekkie in the planet (and maybe beyond), I find myself looking back at how the show affected me during those first years. As I wrote in my article "Spock and Je...

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Why I avoid the word "Zionism" -- it's too confusing!
"If you would converse with me,  define your terms." -- Voltaire The word "Zionism" is used online in so many different ways nowadays -- often with totally conflicting definitions -- that I believe it has become useless for any kind of real dialogue. The Me...

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In praise of dandelions!
Why would I be praising dandelions?  Aren't they the bane of every homeowner with a lawn?  Yes, if you want to maintain a total monoculture in your yard.  But nature abhors monocultures, and will do everything she can to diversify them. Perhaps it is time f...

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On heroes and political correctness: Nobody's perfect!
Lately there has been a lot of discussion about removing the names of political figures from various monuments, schools, and buildings, because the people so honored are not politically correct by 21st century standards.  For example, there was the recent d...

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Check out the HUGE holes this bird is making in dead trees on my land!

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Kapporos and storytelling: A reply to Schmarya Rosenberg's critical review of my book
   Schmarya Rosenberg, creator and webmaster of the Failed Messiah website, completely missed the point of my new book,  Kapporos Then and Now: Toward a More Compassionate Tradition , in his review.  (Read the full review here.)   Although admitting that, q...

In memory of Sapphire, a wonderful companion cat
My cat, Sapphire, named for his beautiful blue eyes, passes away peacefully in my arms early Saturday morning.  He was, we estimate, about 16 years old.   We don't know exactly, because he was a stray who showed up in our yard in January 2000.  He was an ad...

The Sukkot Super-moon eclipse of 2015
The first night of Sukkot (Feast of Booths) always falls on the full moon of the Hebrew month of Tishri.  This year it was not only a full moon, it was a super-moon, because the moon's orbit brought it closer to Earth than usual.  But even more special, it ...
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