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If someone had told me five years ago that I would be saving, I would have bet my last Ghana cedi to the contrary. As far as my mind and bank balance could tell, it just wasn’t possible. From the mountain of college loans, to my living expenses and…

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World Cup 2014 #GoogleDoodles

#GameON !

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Would you feel the same as a China-going business person? 

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New Year! (Resolutions)
HAPPY NEW Year!!! In the Spirit of the New Year, I decided to make 3 resolutions. One is to blog steadfastly. I even signed onto Lift to keep me on track. It's a great app, check it out. If you have some targets you're having trouble reaching,you can use Li...

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Gems in the rough: architectural brilliance hidden Ghana.
The Dailymail carried a story headlined " The world's most spectacularly-designed houses that prove that nothing is impossible when it comes to architecture " I idly clicked on the link not expecting to see anything close to home. But a house in God's own l...

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Legal knots: Ty-Tys
Ty-tys is a Nigerian brand that creates unique ties and bow ties using Ase-Oke fabric as well as vintage Damask. These ties are great for injecting a shot of colour into a dull outfit or adding a zing to a crisp white shirt. What I found most fascinating ab...

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Recommended Reading
I love to read.  As a child, I was a regular at the Ghana Library board, next to the courts in Accra Central. Initially, I would borrow 25 books but I was usually done with them within 2 days. After that my poor father would know no peace, as I would bug hi...

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The Dashing yet dangerous Italian Meringue Butter Cream
I had decide to embark on the 'perilous' adventure of making this lovely icing with my friend Jen, but she's abandoned me for another end of the planet  so I decided to attempt it alone. Perilous because stories are dotted all over the 'net of how wrong it ...

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Tag: The Liebster Award
This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers to recognize them and their hard work. I was tagged by the lovely MUA Annette of  way back in February!! I'm extra embarrassed because this has just been sitting ...
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