Evolution of #Pinterest and Social Media Promoting
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The influence of social networking is unpredictable, the ideology has empowered many start up networking web portals carve a niche in the online social networking world.
While websites like Facebook and Twitter helped you express through one liners as well as long articles, Pinterest does it through photos! Pinterest is a photo sharing best social networking website that allows users to categorize the images according to themes, genres, region and many more.
The website features a pin board style portal where you attach the images; the activity known as ‘Pin it’ on the website. Users can upload, manage, share and browse through several images on boards classified into different themes. They can further add chosen images to a personalised board by just clicking on the ‘Pin it’ button. Popular themes on Pinterest include travel, cars, film, humor, home design, sports, fashion, and art.  
Interestingly, Pinterest has garnered a widespread acclaim for its unique theme base approach and has attracted millions of users to participate. The craziest domain of users comes from literary, media and other creative professions. Such stupendous is the response, that the web portal has witnessed stampede of images ‘pinned’ on its board since its inception in early 2010.
Worth mentioning is the glorifying fact that the website has been enlisted amongst the 50 most searched websites in the world, making it the fourth only social networking site to cement the position besides, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. It surely indicates a poor move if you had ignored it till now for getting your brand promoted through this website. Don’t you feel images are more lively and appealing than straight texts? Moreover, if you are into advertising or any other creative line, there is nothing more traffic pulling than pictures.
Today, the website caters to 25 million active users every month. Moreover, recognising its tremendous following amongst users, leading app building mobile OS’s like Android and iOS feature some cool good Pinterest apps. Setting up a profile on Pinterest is easy with a blink of an eye. Click more, Pin more.
Pinterest was founded by Ben Silbermann and a number of other developers in March 2010. The development project commenced on the Django (Python) web development framework in December 2009.
You know what; Ben Silbermann had endured several rejections when he tried introducing the project to a number of big investors. However, the website started gaining traffic briskly and had 10,000 users by early summer of 2011. Patience pays it at its own time.
The popularity enhanced after a mobile app was launched on the iOS platform. Subsequent recognition by comscore magazine and others declaring it as one of the best websites added to the party.
Now, the bottom line rests with the fact that start ups have another social networking site (and a good one) for spreading a word of their brand and services. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter have already revolutionised the trends of promoting web properties and Pinterest is all set to attest its presence. Watch out for the networking giant rolling out its own apps soon.
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