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Marta Pancaldi

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I can't believe it's already over... I've been home for just a few hours and I miss you all already :)
Thank you very much for these beautiful days, which I know I will remember forever. I hope to see again at least some of you - of course, if you happened to visit Italy, don't hesitate to contact me!

Take a look to some of the pics I took in these days, if you wish :)
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Hello everybody! I'm Marta and I am a CS student at the University of Bolzano, Italy.
I'm passionate about everything related to computers and IT technologies, but I also like reading, writing and playing music. In any case I am constantly looking for great opportunities to enhance my technical skills and to learn new things.
My favorite Google product? Very hard choice, but probably Maps... I love traveling and I would be completely lost without them!
Fun fact about me: I am totally obsessed with too many tv series/video games/books to list them all.

Can't wait to meet you all! :)

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