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Bell Chia
A sexy woman who knows what she wants & refuses to care what people think.
A sexy woman who knows what she wants & refuses to care what people think.

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Personal Beauty Make Up Workshop by Muse Art Make Up
Good Morning, it's mid week and I hope everything is doing great for ya.  Weather been super hot and then it rained like cat and dog till flood, then the next day sun shine so bright again. In this such uncertain crazy weather, it's sad to have proper full ...

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Yeap, last post was years ago. Have been occupied with work, family, travelling.. etc  Just happened to thought of blogs and reminded my own, so then I thought I should probably at least get a new layout to revive the blog a lil. (p/s: sharing the same temp...

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Never the right time to enjoy before success.
人往往因為挫折,折磨,困境,失敗,拒絕,抗拒,恐懼,害怕,就開始懷疑自己的能力,把自己看低看扁。 因為不成功,你便告訴一堆沒頭沒腦的理由,責怪全世界。 因為人總是太多的理由,太多的借口,太多的“哎喲,是咯”,所以永遠不會做好,而在失敗時,永遠只會覺得是別人的問題,別人的不好,但卻沒想想,是否自己哪裡做得不對,自己哪裡需要改進。 當你有這些行為時,你是否有在同時糾正自己,想想該怎麼樣才能避免這些所謂“失敗的理由”? 失敗其實並沒有別的理由,要麼你就辦得到,要麼就想想該怎麼去辦到。 世上沒有辦不到的事,只有懶惰不...

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Nothing is impossible without trying it. Because I'm possible.
Hi folks, just happened to read blogs & came to my own blog, realized the last post was in May. There were few times I was attempted to crap some stuff here but just like what my friends said, I have nothing to write about.. It means my life been sucky uh. ...

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And it was just part of the history.
 Dear readers, been ...  not-that-super-busy  recently. It's mid of May, nothing much has done but still working hard on it.  If you followed my instagram, I've been into coffee quite often for the past two weeks. Not sure if I'm addicted or I just love the...

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I fall, I break, and I learn.
 (photo credits to  LeahTeng Photography ) Another tough month, April. Things weren't really good lately. But life still goes on. I only have 3 hours class every week, so I'm resume back to work, to continue build my career & trying to achieve my goal & bri...

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Where am I?
Time flies really fast, it's the last week of March. Almost did nothing. Not really a good month tho. Can't recall what have I done in the month. =/ Feeling lost, I've got no idea. I can't make decision, I'll get mad. Mood swings really bad, I get pissed of...

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So yea, Mid of March.
 Oh wow! It's the third week of March. Time flies. How have you people been? Hope everything are doing great. It's the month of March, my birthday was just a week ago. It came so fast and it went off so fast. March still doing fine, not really, but uhh.. ye...

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Hello lovelies. It's Friday, Day 8th of CNY. Hope you're having a great week there. It's been extremely hot out there since the first day of new year, it gives me massive headache for few days. I'm sensitive to sunny hot sun, I can barely stay outside under...

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CNY Day 3
新年快樂哦!年初三,我在這裡寫部落格,應該看得出我的新年蠻無聊的吧。哈哈 由於太嬤剛過世,所以都沒怎麼去拜年,要拜的都在年初一拜完了。今年的新年都感覺沒什麼氣氛,好平靜地度過。 看了「阿炳馬到功成」,老實說,沒意思又沒什麼好看。 待會兒和家人看「六幅喜事」,希望不會失望吧,港戲從不令人失望吧,嘻嘻。 明天到星期三都會有些節目,再過一個星期要合同事去海邊旅行了。至少我的新年也不那麼差吧。 你們的新年都過的不錯吧?今年是馬年,屬羊的也會蠻好,希望保佑今年的我一切順順利利。 不到新年都不知道自己胖了那麼多,呵呵!手...
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