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How to choose a criminal defense attorney?

- Locate several attorneys with experience in the specific area.
-Set up initial consultations with at least three criminal defense attorneys. A lot offer a free initial consultation.
-Come prepared: bring a copy of your Probable Cause Affidavit and a list of questions.
Ask the criminal defense attorney the questions that are important to you: communication (if you will have the attorney's direct phone number, if you will have access to the attorney after regular business hours, how often the attorney might visit an incarcerated client), payment plans, depositions, motions on suppression issues whatever might be of importance to you and your family specifically.
-Assess your level of comfort with the attorneys you have met.
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Why choose Greg Spencer Law as your criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis IN?

Each case is different and the goals of each client are varied. You want an Indianapolis criminal defense attorney who understands how to pursue the results you want. A criminal law attorney that is not afraid to take your case to trial if that is what is needed. I have spent my career in the court room as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor. I have taken over 100 cases to jury trial, including murder, robbery, and narcotics cases. I have the experience needed to defend you in court.
When you are facing criminal charges, Attorney Greg Spencer in Marion County, Indiana can help. With over sixteen years of combined work experience both as a former prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney, Attorney Spencer has handled all types of criminal law cases. From traffic tickets, to gun crimes and sexual offenses, it’s important to have a qualified attorney on your side when you have been charged with a crime.
Criminal charges can remain on your criminal record forever, and it is important to fight any charges against you with a solid attorney that can guide you along the process. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, murder, drug crimes, sexual offenses, or more, it’s possible to beat these charges with the right representation. It is never worth the stress it will put on you to try and fight criminal charges without a lawyer.
Criminal Defense is ALL we do! There are lots of firms offering criminal defense, however in some cases it might constitute a small percentage of the cases they handle. We offer flat fee, upfront pricing that includes everything and will not charge you for sending you an email or giving you an update on your case.
You are encouraged to communicate with us as much as possible and will never be transferred to a secretary or an answering service. We are selective in the cases we take, and take the time to get to know our clients and the cases. You can expect to be treated with respect and highest degree of confidentiality.
Regardless of the legal issues you are facing or if you are currently incarcerated, call and text Greg Spencer Law at (317) 918-5982 or (317)-529-6537 between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. We have been helping clients all over the area protect their legal rights in a wide range of cases.
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Aggressive DUI Attorney Indianapolis IN offers special rates and affordable monthly payments. 
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A conviction for a DUI, also known as  OWI, DWI and OVWI can cost you a lot of money, freedom, and jeopardize your job. You do not have to face it alone. Greg Spencer Law- a DUI attorney in Indianapolis IN is offering special pricing for all new DUI cases. You can save money by paying upfront, or affordable monthly payments are offered. Call 317-918-5982 for a free consultation. 
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Greg Spencer Law- the prominent criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis IN answers the question: "What are depositions and why are they important?"
While preparing for a trial, it is important to depose (or perform depositions) of the witnesses of the opposing party. Depositions are statements made under oath. Greg Spencer Law recommends doing depositions of as many witnesses as possible. The depositions are included in the flat rate pricing in the criminal cases. The transcripts of the depositions have to be done by a certified court reporter- and the transcripts usually cost $3/page and up. 
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Clients at Greg Spencer Law- Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney have unlimited access to their account at under "log in". There, they can see their upcoming court dates, make payments, see past invoices and send secure messages to attorneys.
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Have a criminal case pending? Greg Spencer Law- criminal attorney in Indianapolis IN is suggesting you check out the site to get court hearing updates and motions' rulings.
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