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Anthony Fejes
Bioinformatician, musician, juggler, blogger, twitterer... wait, twitterer? is that a word?
Bioinformatician, musician, juggler, blogger, twitterer... wait, twitterer? is that a word?

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Anthony Fejes commented on a post on Blogger.
Posted first on Linked in, and requested that it be copied here:
Possibly a somewhat controversial reply: 

I prefer bioinformatician - I've never heard bioinformaticist used by anyone who's in the field, and a computational biologist, to me, is someone who uses the tools other people develop. 

On the other hand, I tend to draw relatively sharp distinctions: 

If you're writing software without understanding the biology, you're a programmer. 
If you're interpreting the biology without developing the code, you're a biologist (or computational biologist, if you prefer.) 
Only if you are writing the tools to interpret the biology and simultaneously understand the biology should you be considered a bioinformatician.

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Picture of clockwork taken in Copenhagen.... a bit not so subtle foreshadowing of the future perhaps?

I'm turning off all possible distractions while I do a final push to get my thesis done: No G+, no twitter, no tv, no web browsing. (It will be just like going back in time to 1992, except I won't have to walk to the library to get journal articles.) If all goes well, I'll be done in November... All right Internet, see you in three weeks.

In the meantime, if you're looking for me,

Thesis writing is apparently like blogging... the more you're interested in what you're writing about, the easier (and faster) it goes. But sometimes, you just have to write about the boring stuff... Nose, meet grindstone.

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And they say math isn't interesting to kids...
The Batman Equation

I reviewed a paper this week and the comments went out to the author this afternoon. Oddly enough, in the copy of the response to the author I received, it only had text from me. Does that mean that I was the only reviewer on the paper? Holy cow batman, does this editor realize he just asked a grad student to be the sole judge of a all those people's work? What the hell was (s)he thinking?

In support of those who are being arbitrarily banned for their use of pseudonyms, I've changed my name to Anthony "apfejes" Fejes. Yes, my pseudonym is boring, but hey, not all psuedonyms are evil... Get with the program Google!

I'm starting to treat Google+ like I do facebook - that is to say I forget to check it for a couple of days... well, actually, I haven't checked facebook in about 8 months, so maybe not quite the same.

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Some of my pics from when I first got my dSLR and was learning how to use it. Yes, I'm just having fun with Picasa today.
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