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Brian Stephens
Cycling to get in shape, home brewing beer so I have a reason to get in shape, and drinking coffee to keep the whole operation going.
Cycling to get in shape, home brewing beer so I have a reason to get in shape, and drinking coffee to keep the whole operation going.

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What is going on this week? Most of the favorites are going down or struggling big time. And then Bama takes that as a challenge to go destroy another opponent by twice the spread.

Top 25 is going to look interesting tomorrow.

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Fun with passwords...

Soccer coach was out today, asked for someone to fill in. My wife asked me (she gets the emails) and I say sure.

It's 4-5 year olds, it's raining and rained all night before, only 3 kids left on the team, my youngest daughter is one of them.

We had a blast! Got soaking wet, ran around in the rain and mud, scored some goals, got scored on a lot, borrowed kids from the other team to fill out our side, and gave out more high fives than I can count. The other coach was great. Great time overall.

Then at the end, a parent from the other team asks me if we have anyone doing snacks for our kids (these kids play for snacks)... I looked around and said he pulls out extra snacks and hands them out to my team. Awesome move by that guy...hero of the day!

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Got out for a bike ride before the big rain hits us here. It is beautiful here...warm, humid, and sunny. We have a tropical storm nearby, keeping the area warm and very humid.

Well, it was sunny for about 7 miles of my ride, then the gray clouds closed in, then I got a little rain at 12 miles in, but only a drizzle for about 10 minutes.

The wind was the really interesting part. It went from light and steady to hard, gusty, and all directions. It was fun.

I got 20 miles total. Really helped me blow off some steam from a stressful few days at work.

Pictures are gray clouds straight ahead and mostly clear skies 90 degrees to the right. Just one of those days.
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Sir, your tonton will freeze before you reach the first marker!

Then I'll see you in hell!!

Seeking a home for an old, pain in ass cat. Any home will do, we aren't picky. If you have a roof, you qualify. You know what, a box will work too.

Cat needs near constant attention, hits the litter box almost 50% of the time, and throws up on your valuable belongings, mostly out of spite because you stopped paying attention to him. He will "cuddle" with you, giving you hours of purring, meowing, and position shifting during the night as you try to get sleep.

All around, a terrific pet to add to the family. Oh, he also breaks out of the house at random moments and forgets that he dislikes being outside, which means that he is especially pissed off when you "find" him and bring him back inside.

As I said at the top, any home will do.

Wanted to get to sleep early and wake up early...took a melatonin (natural sleep aid), haven't taken one in a while...fell asleep early...slept through my alarms (two of them), dead to the world...woke up late...everything was still on, tv, lights.

Now I'm shaking out the cobwebs with extra strength coffee. And then running out the door. Total backfire!

Weight lifting yesterday, chest and tris...

2 sets each...single leg lunge, chest press, overhead pull, chest fly, tricep press, plank

I hit the chest hard yesterday with three exercises of heavy weight. Paying for it already today with soreness.

College football has some tough games to pick against the spread this week. I pick for free, no betting... I'd lose too much.

There are crazy high spreads like Ohio State favored by 30 over Maryland, or Alabama favored by 24 over Texas A&M... how do you pick those games? Maryland isn't that bad even with their third or fourth QB and OSU isn't that good (yet)... Alabama is destroying everyone but Texas should step up at least a little bit.

I decided to try out the slow cooker/crock pot thing. I reviewed recipes for a couple days, couldn't decide on anything in particular, made a short list and hit the store. I know I want it to be low carb (basically no added sugar).

Then I got home with some basic ingredients, said fuck it, and put together something that smelled good. No measuring, just added what looked good. By the way, I use the same method to brew beer at times...say fuck it, throw out the directions and get going. Here's what I put together...

3lb pork, garlic cloves, chives, cilantro, onion powder, salt, pepper, and some broth. I'm going to put it on low before I leave for work. Should smell great when I get home.
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