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Tecno Display offers several model glass display cases with curved glass. Curved glass is particularly attractive and not many manufacturers offer it. Among the display cases we offer with curved glass are the GL121, GL122, GL123 and the NV201.

Welcome to our updated Google+ account. As many of you may know we now produce our display cabinets in Sparks Nevada.

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The GL4 is the large sibling to the GL3. Instead of six equal sides, the middle (door) section is larger, givng you more display space.

If you like a taller base in your stretched haxagonal case, take a look at the GL104.

Moving on to our glass towers: the GL3 is a hexagonal tower. It is very popular, and fits almost anywhere.

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The GL2 is our other open case. Unlike the GL1, it is a square case.
Like all of our other cases, it can be customized however you like.

Not everyone notices it, but Tecno has 2 "open" cases -- the GL1 and the GL2. These do not have glass on the sides, but allow customers access to merchandise. The GL1 is a rectangle, and the GL2 is a square. Please take a look!

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Yes, those were Tecno Display glass displays in the Ivanka Trump boutique on the March 4th "Celebrity Apprentice"

We've added a third choice for color for our Displays4Less line. Cherry laminate is now available for the SFL900, SFL901, SFL902, SFL903, SFL906, and SFL907!
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