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+Xiaomi wondering when are you launching Mi TV in India. I am looking for a TV to buy in India. Please can you suggest if i can wait for Xiaomi MiTV or not? 

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My 500 Favorite Photos, All Mega-Ultra-Supra-High-Resolution, All available for download for your wallpapers, your desktops, or your fun! 
Exclusively here on Google+!

I've made a brand-new album and uploaded all my super high-rez photos.  Like that first one there is 7280 pixels across — thank goodness Google+ allows them at their full size! :)  

All my work is Creative Commons Noncommercial.  If you want to know more about what that means, I have all the info over at 
Portfolio - My 500 Favorites - All Hi-rez
500 Photos - View album

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#android views 3 times #miui views, But  1,401,429 views more than #androiddevelopers . Comapring with #carbonrom which have only 2,164,887 views and #cyanogenmod with 71,268,047 views, which is 11,534,329 more than #MIUI. #android  

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Awesome song.
Raxstar - Cold World (Official Music Video) + LYR…:

Wondering its already half month past March, should i be curious and wait for #MIUI for my #nexus5 . I mean if such thing doesnt exit than its better to ignore all the trolls, and move on. But if you are working on something please i would like to hear from you. #miui #rom #android #releasedate

The carbon-rom/downloads/ links dont dowload on mobile browser why? I am using nexus 5 with latest carbon rom for hammerhead, and every time i try to dowload the new nightly on a mobile browser it wont download the zip file. WHY, is it a problem with the browsers or carbon rom servers? 

Just wondering Would it be possible for carbon Rom to implement ViPER4Android drivers and application in the carbon rom itself...  ViPER4Android is so much better in expert UI mode comparing to DSP manager or MusicFX
Anyways i appreciate everything you are doing with The Carbon Rom. 

Lovely work with all the nightlies for Nexus 5. Thank You so much guys Carbon Rom rocks.
I have one request guys, would it be possible to add a option for "wake on notification" for particular apps instead of all notification from all apps.?

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Stupid media saying a low quality iphone5c as a cheap one which actually is priced same as iphone 5 and has low quality built hardware body. And no one is talking about high priced iphone5s which has most of the hardware same as previous version except a A7 chip and a finger print thing. Even the processor A7 64bit is still slower than a 32 bit quad core processor available for android or similar to dual core 32 bit processor which are more efficient than A7. #iphone #media #cheap #notcheap #5c #5s #A7 #marketing #stupid #buyers #buy #expensive #phone #mobile
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