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This is horrible, "horse mouth?", "she?" "you might like it up the soap?", happy that he might be going to prison?  REALLY?.  This coverage is not only a horrible excuse of human beings, but also a sad excuse of blacks being racist and bigots at other blacks.  I cannot even imagine what would've happened had it been a white reporter calling a black person horse mouth.  I'm so glad Martin Luther King is not here to see this kind of hatred from his own people.  You are both not only narrow minded, but a sad pair of people to have in your black community.  Go ahead and call out freedom of speech if you want, just remember the freedom of speech and lack of human rights due to that freedom of speech prior to 1964.

Hussy Cowboy

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Hussy Cowboy

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Bueno yo sali en el 1973 y a mi no me dejaban ser pionero, yo queria ser pionero pero no me dejaban porque era gusano y estaba declarado que iba a salir del pais.  No me dejaban cantar en el coro de la escuela o derechos a nada que los otros estudiantes hacian.  Y me meti en no se cuantas fajasones porque los otros ninos se burlaban de mi y hacian una senal con el dedo que era como un gusano.
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Hussy Cowboy

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The RINGTONE to "She Doesn't Know (Her Husband Is Gay)" is now available on iTunes!!
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Hello everyone!  I'm a new artist with a whole album coming out next summer.  
The first single "She Doesn't Know (Her Husband Is Gay)" is out. It's a collaboration with Swedish Singer Ida Olson and she sounds AMAZING. 

I'm trying to get the song played on the regular radio but they are giving me a hard time about the lyrics just because of the man to man theme, so anything that y'all can do to help would be appreciated it!  Email me here and let me know if you hear it anywhere!

Song is on iTunes for $0.99.  If you want the remix version that is playing on Jango then purchase the song with the rainbow on the cover!!!!

Ringtone is on iTunes also!!

Video is on YouTube!  I'm a new artist with a low budget so don't expect any special effects but I think we did a great job for beginners!  I especially love the ending!  

Hugs and kisses to everyone!  thank you for listening!!  The next song is titled Swedish Lesbian!

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DO NOT use this place. I was doing large prints and small prints. The first time I took pictures to be done I wrote down the measurements and told him I wanted them with borders. I got them back without borders, one of them the measurements were smaller, and the black and white ones that I REVIEWED with him on the screen were in color. He said he would redo them but that I needed to write down that I wanted borders otherwise he could forget (if the customer says that he wants borders and it's not written down and you think you will forget, YOU the owner should write it down!), but I didn't say anything, I was nice. The second time the black and whites were so much darker than the ones I had on the drive that the man riding the horse looked like a centaur. He asked me to lighten my pictures because his printer would print them darker. I had to guess on the lighting but that didn't matter because they came back a third time with the pixels and the quality horrible. I did nothing but lighten them some. And one of them was again smaller than it should have been. I wrote it all down for him this time. The smaller pictures came back printed on regular paper, not photo paper. I was fed up and returned everything and asked for my money back and THIS is the major reason you shouldn't come back, the one doing this job was the owner, Mercel, and he would not return the money. Don't chance him not doing his job and you losing 91 euros like I did. NO USEN ESTE SITIO: Tuve que devolver las fotos 3 veces, cada vez o me las hacia en color en vez de blanco y negro, o me las hacia sin border, o las hacia con calidad diferente y mala, o de otro tamaño o se le olvidaba hacer algunas. También me hizo las ultimas fotos en papel de escribir, y no papel de fotos. Se lo dije y me dio una excusa diciendo que si es el mismo papel, pero no es porque tengo las fotos que hizo de las fotos del principio. Tenia una orden de 91 euros y después que le dije que ya no quería que tratara mas, que quería que me devolviera el dinero dijo que no. Y este es el dueño Marcel.
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