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It's what you do that defines you.
It's what you do that defines you.

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Great new post that gives site owners something to think about. If you're not on the first page of search results, the likelihood of being found is super low. And if your site ranks on page 2 or beyond for your brand name, take notice. It's likely because of a history of sketchy search practices. I'd say it's rare to need to start completely fresh to turn things around but sometimes a clean slate is reinvigorating.

Hey +BambooHR - found you through +Wistia's great blog. Do you offer ATS as a standalone service? We at +Leverage Marketing don't track days off or any of that stuff but we are on the cusp of another hiring cycle.

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Great to see additional controls added to Hangouts on Air.  Makes me want to give this a try again.
Explore the Cameraman App added to your Hangouts On Air options…

This 3:30 video will show you what it looks like inside the Hangout. You are the person being 'Muted' and we show you what to expect, what to do after you get un-muted an some other tips along the way...

The New Cameraman App is Built into HOA (Hangouts on Air)
✓ It only works for HOAs not regular Hangouts... because with an HOA, there is a person 'in charge'... the Originator of the HOA session.

✓ It adds controls for the Originator of the HOA to Mute Video & Audio of others in the 'filmstrip' area of the HOA.

✓ The Originator of the HOA can see the App, others can not see the App.

✓ When you are 'Video-Muted' by the Originator... your Video feed get's Grayed Out from Your Perspective (as well as others in the filmstrip) but to the Viewing Public (live viewers & those watching the video later), You 'disappear' or go White ...more #whitespace    ;-)

✓ When/If you are un-Video-Muted by the Originator, You will be Fully Visible to All, BUT... your Audio will still be muted! You must un-mute your own Audio.

✓ It Does Allow... other Hangout Apps to run at the same time, i.e., you can have Cameraman running And have the Hangout Lower Third app running at the same time (or another single Hangout App) simply load Cameraman 1st.

Special Thanks to +Frank Girard for working with me as we tested this thing!
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#googleplustips #hoatips #hangoutsonair #cameraman #hangoutapp #hoa
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Jelly Bean looks pretty powerful!

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Have questions about the latest Google algorithm updates?  They just might be covered in these videos...take a look!

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We at +Leverage Marketing Agency are happy to have access to Hangouts On Air and will be hosting our first Live Hangout next Tuesday at 1:00pm CST!  Our main topic will be 'Google Penguin' but our SEO team will be available to discuss other topics as well.
Quick update to Hangouts On Air
We've now rolled out to 100% of users in over 220 countries and territories! (

Just look for the new "Enable Hangouts On Air" option when starting a hangout. We can't wait to see what you'll share with the world. #googleplusupdate #hangoutsonair

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I agree with Avinash!
Funny guy, funny funny guy....

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of these United States....



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In case you were looking for some inspiration today....



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Awesome new camera that allows the user to focus on different elements in the picture AFTER taking the photo...

Try clicking on the seal closest to the camera to refocus.

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Our team was just talking about this while at lunch today. From the (industry related) networking events that we've attended, we know that a lot of people are at least somewhat familiar with the concept of SEO but aren't necessarily familiar with the particular jargon and often times don't have a good grasp of what SEO truly means.
In my world, everyone I talk to has heard of search engine optimization (SEO). But I've always wondered: do regular people in the U.S. know what SEO is? With Google's new Consumer Surveys product, I can actually find out. I asked 1,576 people "Have you heard of 'search engine optimization'?"

It turns out only 1 in 5 people (20.4%) in the U.S. have heard of SEO! The survey also turned up an interesting gender difference: almost 25% of men have heard of SEO, but only about 16% of women have. Doing this sort of market research in the past would have been slow, hard, and expensive. Asking 1,500 people a simple question only costs about $150.

So what poll, question, or survey would you run? Try it out for yourself at:
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