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I've been having these weird thoughts lately… like, is any of this for real… or not?

A boy chosen by the Keyblade, a mysterious weapon.

Prince of light

The amazing  editing goes to +Riкυ thank you again for making this amazing edit!

Ɯєℓcσмє~!! Ƭнє Ɲαмє Sσяα~!

First off thanks for following me~!! Hmm lets see what about me? Well I am training to be a keyblade master  just like Riku and Kairi.   Since they both already masters heh. I slept through mine.. And fell into a nightmare.  My job is to keep the darkness at bay and if you ask me. I honestly think I do a pretty good  job of it! Okay maybe pretty good since if you ask Donald I don’t always listen.  

I’m the chosen Keybearer well actually  I know it  didn’t really chose me.. It was meant for Riku.  and If you ask me  Riku should have it since all the crap he been though. I mean he has fought his way  back from being in darkness and to me that say a lot. Even if he doesn’t see it himself.  

I know most people aren't gonna believe this but.. I’m actually really close to my nobody.. Roxas.. Well to me he isn’t a nobody he my  Twin! I mean he is very different from me.. And if you ask me.. He should be his own person.. I couldn’t imagine being always compare by someone. But he has some moments that are more like something I would do.

Oh yeah speaking of that. I have someone living in my heart! Well  actually it part of his heart that looking for a place to recover and  heal from being in darkness. His name is Ventus.. Or I think he likes going by Ven.  He the one who is  being sleeping beauty and he been asleep for .. I think ten years?  I think it my  job to wake him.  Though I don’t know how to that yet. Master Yen Sid.. hasn’t told me what to do.  

Here are some facts about me.

Yes I am with Riku.. me and him are together. For me.. I see Kairi as a sister and that about it. The puppy love stage is long  gone now.
I’m a huge Disney nerd.  That shouldn’t be surprising since two of my best friends are Donald and Goofy. My all time favorite Film would be Beauty and The beast  and Peter pan the close Second sameas Lilo and Stitch.
I live with Cloud and Leon.. they are mine dad's cool huh?  Sometimes i wonder how cool that is since well they can be stricted but I love them.  Just don’t get on Cloud bad side.. It never a good thing.
I have Genostima.. It sucks I know.. I tend to get sick super easily which causes .. Riku and my friends to worry about me.
I’m when I’m not doing missions..  I’m a surf.. Something about the water calls to me and I love it. The smell of the salt in the air and feel of the water it my second home being completely honest.
About the Admin

The Name is Neko. I’m the one behind Sora.   I’m a very shy Neko alright .. but please do talk to me.  I don’t bite.. I might  growl but no bites. Unless someone annoys me to the point where I will bite. I’m a rice ball in the world of the internet. (and if you get the reference of Riceball 10 points to your house).   I’m what you would call a nerd.  I’m a huge nerd and geek but you know I rather be that then being normal that just too mundane for me. I rather be quirky!

I love to  write it one of my passions.  I’m the type that writes how I feel.. Since I do have trouble showing it at times or voicing it so writing is the answer. Oh and I love to draw!  Though I really haven’t  drawn in awhile heh.   And I’m a bookworm. I love to read it the perfect escape from life for me.  Some of my favorite books would be. : Maximum Ride , Infernal Devices , Harry Potter,  Tiger Saga, Second Star (an amazing retelling of Peter pan) Peter pan .  Just to name a few. .. If I’m honest I could go on and on with books. But I won’t  bore you guys to death.

I’m a huge Disney nerd.  If you can’t already tell.   My top favorite movie of all time would have to by far Beauty and the Beast.  I  know the prolonge by  heart. Maybe I shouldn’t have said .. that is kinda weird isn’t it?   Lilo and Stitch.  I’m Lilo very much like her.. I still see myself in her after all these years.  And I love my stitch.. I have my own .. she happens to be my awesome Riku as well! I have far too many Disney Films that I love so much! And I also love anime er manga I’m more likely to read a manga then watch an anime unless the anime doesn’t have a manga (That always sucks) and I also love Studio Ghibli films as well. And  I love Tim Burton lover!!

I love Role playing it one of my favorites things to do.  Oh  and I love my best friends they mean the world to me.  Even if they rp the two characters that can’t stand each other how funny that is huh? I have my own Riku and my own Roxas (or Cody).   

Things you will see:

> Kingdom hearts  (Obviously)
>  Edits  (that I do myself please don’t steal them.. And I also do take requests so don’t be afraid to ask)
> Stories  (Sora life stories)
> My OTP (Soriku yes I ship no hate)
> Disney/ Classic Disney chancle posts (I grew up with Kim Possible era)
> Quotes
>  Ask Sora
>Head canons

Among other things that I can’t think of right now!


My Ohana (You should follow them!)
+Riкυ  My amazing and awesome best friend whom I love so very much..She my  amazing Riku!! and I'm her Chibi derpy Sora and she makes amazing edits and stories!!!
+Roxαѕ  She is my Cody
+Master Skyla Queen of the Light
+Izuκu S.
+Gemma Snape
+Bloodsword XIII 
+Grimm Fate
+invader horizongreen 
+Lana The Keyblade Spirit

And here one last thing.. I wanna say before Donald and Goofy  drags me off the Gumi Ship

Sᴍɪʟᴇ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴏᴋ ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ᴡʜᴇɴ ʏᴏᴜ sᴍɪʟᴇ 
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+Riкυ hey your edits are amazing I can see why !! I love them a lot hugs you
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..How to tell when I or Cloud is sick? .. look.. at the hair.. our .. hair droops down when Sick.. it really isn't fair...
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OK then my friend.
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..Oh .. how I wished.. I could say this doesn't happen every time we have a family dinner.. If I said that .. I would be lying.
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jfc van
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..To be honest .. I wish could just  put the world on pause.. let me breath.. let me scream out.. this whole week hasn't been the best on me.. I just want my world.. the one person whom honestly means alot to me..  and to hind away just for a little while.. away from the thought.. away from everything..


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I'm sorry for this being mellow it just came to me.. please don't kill me.. er..I guess if you want to .. you can
I could hear a deafen sound coming from the woods. I just wonder what happen as I past the rain soak road toward the sound. The air felt heavy as I made my way over it was hard to breath as someone punched me in the stomach taking every last breath I had in me to go.

“SORA!” My name was being screamed at the top of someone's lungs. I walked over to see who was screaming my name. I first saw a sliver ponytail that was getting soaked from the rain then I saw track pants and t-shirt. Riku…

“Riku ! I'm right here see I'm fine!” I was standing right in front of him but it was as if he was blind since he couldn't see me.

“This can't be happening..” I heard him mutter his hands were in a fist.  I  watched as he ran  past me and I followed him  close behind  sliding down the hill.  “Riku…?”  I whispered as I followed him.  The path lead to a what it looked like what a giant would do an car if it thought it was an orange. It was peeled back.   

“Sora!” Come on.. “ He ran to the passenger seat of what was left of the car. “Come..  don’t you  dare do this to me..”

I  moved  towards him  putting my hand on his shoulder. But he didn’t feel it. I hated seeing him like this. I should be the one the crying not him.  “Sor.. please ..hold is on the way I promise..”

I heard more cruching of the leaves behind me as I turned.  Three more figures appeared all of them I knew.  “.. Sora..”  I turned my head hearing my name called I saw a blonde running up to Riku. “ ..  Sora.. what happen..?” He looked up at Riku whom shrugged sadly.

“Cloud if I knew what happen.. I would be the one where Sora is now..”  He whispered  his head was  dropped down. “It should've been me not him!”

“Hey  buddy..”  I spun around when I heard that. I looked up to see Ventus my older brother and the one I was really close to. Who wasn’t my twin.

“Ven?! You can see me… what happen.. Wait ..why can you see me?”  I ran up to him leaving the others  back.  I watched Ven pale face sadden a little. “It was my fault.. “ He muttered as I watched him  go over to the remains of the driver side of the car.   I watched as he  bent down I did the same.

“Sor..  just you know.. One thing.. I love you..” He looked up at me I could see tears flowing down his cheeks.  Another person who shouldn’t cry.  He my older brother the one who fought  monsters  back from the dark for me the one who broke my and Roxas fights with ease. He shouldn’t ever have to cry.

“Ven.. why are you…?”  From behind him I saw a light  coming towards him.  No.. I lost him once I’m not gonna lose him again.  But  from the light understood  Ven was killed in whatever happen. That made my heart strings  torn apart.

“Ventus!” I yelled  knowing only he would hear me as I grabbed his hand in my own trying to pull him back.  He wasn’t gonna go I won’t let him. Not yet.. Maybe when he was  90  years old  when he old and bald. But not now I needed my brother in my life I needed him.   

“Heh..  I’m  Sorry bud but .. I have to go mom and dad are waiting for me..”  He turned to face me. His pale face and his bright blue eyes the same ones that I had was shiny though I saw tears flowing down his face. “.. I’m sorry that I won’t see you grow up.. But.. remember I’m not  really gone.. I’m always in your heart..”  I turned my head a little I couldn’t  do this I’m not one for goodbyes and this one meant he would never come back he would be gone.  I closed my eyes a little that when I saw him.  

The Ven in the driver side was bend over covering me. He was saving me even if that meant he would be gone himself.  I felt tears stinging my face when I turned towards him again. This time though the light  was blinding me. “Don’t go..”  I whispered the tears were making it harder to see him.  I could feel through him hugging me for the last time. “Don’t .. cry ..”  

“SORA!” This time I heard my name being called but I didn’t turned towards the voice.  I could see at the in concer of my eye though.  It was blonde who looked like Ventus but he was my twin. “.. How could this happen..” He knelt down beside Riku who was just as in shocked as he was.  The only two the was moving around the car peel was  my two dads.  

“..O-oh god.. Not Ven..”  

“What?...What did.. “

“Roxas don’t come over to this side.. Alright stay with Riku..”  I watched as Cloud looked into the driver side to see Ven crutched over projecting me from the crash. If he hadn’t have done that we both would be dead. Though part of me wished I did.  

I couldn’t bear to see Ventus like that  I made way back to Riku and Roxas on my side.  I saw how I looked for the the first time.  There was so much blood all over the place. My spiky bedhead was caked in it.  My  shirt was ripped open with blood  all over my chest.  What happen..? I looked up at Riku and Roxas wishing they could see me right  now. What I won’t do to change what happen.

“Sora…”  I saw Riku looking in the car he was waiting for me to move to stir but I didn’t.  That was when I saw the lights flashing coming towards us.  I didn’t even saw Riku getting up on my side to Ven side.  All I heard him saying.

“..Thank you..for you saving him…”
+Riкυ +Roxαѕ  +Master Skyla Queen of the Light  +Izuκu S.  +Gemma Snape  +ventus +Bloodsword XIII

And please No hate or trolls.. I been going though some things lately and this how I handle and state how I feel. I'm not an attention seeker or a whore.. or trying to edgy .. This how I deal with this.. I don't want see hate comments or trolls either
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..You know there are days that I forget how to even Human. I forget .. and don't get me started at doing boring Adult things
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So I'm officially taller then Roxas! Oh yeah I had a huge growth spurt!
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facepalming while laughing on the inside 
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Aww Roxy!.. I didn't know you thought of me like that .. your so sweet!.. but um.. I don't look like that when I'm sick.. do I..?
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Awww bae!
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if Idioits don't get sick.. then.. why am I sick since everyone say I'm an idiot?
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Because bae, you're not an idiot.

(( Omg so what if Mizuki calls Sora bae as he gets older because he insists he isn't a baby anymore and she can't call him baby
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~Xion and Kairi~
Island Girls
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Tormented the sleeping beauty
“...Psst Ventus.. Are you awake yet? Hopeless sleepyhead?”  The Key wilder knew it was rude  that he went into his older brother room but he couldn’t help it. His little heart was doing flips  how excited he was. He saw the mound of blonde hair under the covers. 

Ventus promise him that he would show him how to use the guilder and that was today.  Sure  he had  a gummi ship with  all different kinds of buttons that he wasn’t allowed to touch but something about  the guilder made him want to learn how to use it.

Now the thing was he had to figure out how to wake him up.  That might be hard. He knew the wind child could sleep like  the dead.

“Ventus! Hey .. Ventus wake up!”

Nothing no movement from the other male.  The younger male sighted.  This was gonna be alot harder then he thought.  


The older male moved a little  pulling the cover up over his head.  The younger one sighted at his older brother.  He wasn’t gonna let him sleep in when he promise him.


This time he screamed in his ear. Something he should've learn never to do. Since the last time he did  he gotten himself a black eye from Roxas. But that was Roxas.. And this was Ventus. Ven was sweet heart well unless someone woke him up far too  early in the morning.

“Ventus!” Again he yelled  as he got up on his bed  sitting on him. “VENTUS WAKE UP!”  


There was sound from the older male.  His one eye opened looking up at see a spiky hair young teen sitting on him.  His sky blue eyes looked down at him.  His younger brother Sora.  

Granted after waking up from his long slumber (Being Sleeping beauty if you ask Sora)  he was someone who alway valued sleep. He had a nice comfy bed  and it was so warm with the blanket on hims. Who won’t want to stay there all day and sleep?


This moment shouldn’t  have spoiled for him. Well that changed thanks to the spiky brunette sitting on him.  Yes he knew he promise him a few lessons on his Glider but did they have to go so early?  He knows Sora was a night owl but even he loved sleep when he could get some.  

The wind child wonder if Sora knew how loud his feet were  how heavy they sounded on the floor it sounded like thunder.  

Once he turned a little  he open both his eyes.

“Sor.. you know you're not  six years old anymore.. You're Sixteen.. Your a lot heavier then you use to be and you're too old to sit on me like this!”  Though he let out a sigh when he saw the excitement in Sora eyes he stll did look like a young child.  But for Ven he wished he could stay in bed forever.  Though he knew he couldn’t.

“Five more minutes.. “ Ven groaned turning over in his bed hiding  from his younger brother who started to poke him have to death.
+Riкυ +Roxαѕ  +Master Skyla Queen of the Light  +Izuκu S.  +Gemma Snape  +ventus  +Bloodsword XIII 

I hope you enjoy~
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I know the keyblade didn't chose me and I don't care I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger
Ɯєℓcσмє~!! Ƭнє Ɲαмє Sσяα~! 

Well first off thanks for following me~!!  Lets see what about me?  Well I am training to be Key blade master with my friends!!  It my job to keep Darkness at bay and if you ask me  I think I do a pretty  good job.. Sweats  drops   Heh.. Okay i said pretty good I have derp moments..  heh  

Here are my brothers~!!  I kinda have Surviced them =.= Lucky  me  .. I love them yes but  two them fight  along 
+Vanitas Seeker Of Darkness  /  +ventus / +Ventus the keyblademaster 13   

They are my older brothers I love him alot ..   though I would have to say i am closer to Ven Ven then I am to Van.. I guess that because I make my brother life pretty hard at times.. I mean Van life..    While Ven he  like me .. trouble finds us .. alot I don't know how..  and he has a brother look .. that .. yeah .. we don't  go there 

Oh and my twin.. granted he my "nobody"  but he is very much like a twin  to me  +Roxαѕ  He my aweosme twin! Though I am older way cooler them him!!!   I'm 13 mintiunes older then Roxas..  and yeah I guess you can say my favoirte past time  with him is pranking our older brothers heh 

+ღ Şhąmpøø Ţhə Kąwąīï Ğïŕl ღ  She my onee-chan .. She keeps my grouned and keeps me out of trouble. She very sweet  and funny. an amazing Onee-chan if you ask me  *he laughs*  

Now time for a few of my sepical and amazing frineds~!! 

+*****  He is my twin.. partner and crime.. trouble finds us .. as much as  heartless do. He awsome way way cooler then me even if he will Deined it =.= But  what ever. I am really close to him   

+Riku KH  heh.. well .. Um.. he blushes hard  I really can't  beat  around the bush on this one...  He mine best friend yes oh  god yes he my first friend I ever had.. but .. he.. blushes so red  also my boy friend.. heh.. yeah .. Just word to the wise.. like Donald.. don't get him mad. it not pretty  *shudderes*     

+Sena Kashiwazaki  She is my  Kairi .. she is amazing best friend ..  i would do anything for  you.. So don't hurt  her.. or I will find  you and  get you  back.  I lost Riku and kair already twice..  I am not gonna lose them ever again. We should always be together like best friends should be.   and I do love Karir .. she is amazing best friend of mine   

+ღ Şhąmpøø Ţhə Kąwąīï Ğïŕl ღ  She is the amazing Aqua and older sister of Kairi.. and Ven best  friend..smiles .. I know what it  like to not be with your  best friend.. and anazming Aqua  *chuckles*  
+Grimm Fate  Yep I am her Sky boy .. she is amazing Sis and she makes one of my bros really happy ..and that all I could ever ask .. she amazing and sweet  ..  -though don't steal cookie dough-   

Well That just  little about me and my family.. 

Oh yeah !! right  *hits himself on the head*   What see on my page ? 

- Roleplays i love to RP and  my Admin is kinda Shy . . at times heh 

- Edits Kingdom hearts related and or Requested 

-Disney posts ..  from the look of my page..  heh yeah .. we are super

Disney nerds.. or Geeks.. but who isn't? 

-Kingdom hearts posts 
     Ships  -otps- 

Hm well I think that everything  right? ..  I think so?.. Oh yeah  duh! .. NEVER  MAKE THE DUCK MAD!   

Oh and I don't  allow  these things 

Bullying and  making fun about other likes.. I won't  allow that to happen!!!  

and Something else.  Sᴍɪʟᴇ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴏᴋ ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ᴡʜᴇɴ ʏᴏᴜ sᴍɪʟᴇ 
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