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Quirky doesn't cover it.
Quirky doesn't cover it.


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What helped me get well?
More than a year on and we haven't moved to the states. It all fell through but we are relieved and it's worked out for the best. I've wanted to write a post about my journey from ill to well so here it is. I know I've written about what happened and how it...

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My visit to a kinesiologist.
I have been suffering more and more with my stomach and last week was in agony; so much so I nearly went to hospital with suspected appendicitis. I had been wanting to go to a kinesiologist for a while but finally decided to book an appoitnment a few weeks ...

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An A to Z guide to coping with Christmas when suffering with anxiety and depression.
This time of year can be challenging for most people but for those with a propensity to being more sensitive than others it can be very difficult.  Love it or hate it, it’s everywhere you look and on everything you listen to. It’s unavoidable unless you can...

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Things that make you happy.
My friend and fellow Blogger  Amanda Green  has written a blog post on 'Things that make you happy.' So I thought I would give it a whirl also. Ok so in no particular order here's what make me happy. My dog. His name is Frugal and he is a sproodle (springer...

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a strong feeling of support or allegiance. plural noun:  loyalties "rows with in-laws are distressing because they cause divided loyalties" synonyms: allegiance ,  faithfulness ,  fidelity ,  obedience ,  fealty , adherence,  homage ,  devotion ,  bond ;   ...

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Expressing ourselves.
I've heard it say to me three times in healing that I have an issue with throat chakra. So I looked into it. Despite thinking and feeling like I can express myself, I started to notice that I would raise my voice rather a lot when things weren't going how I...

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How I found my way out of depression.
I have read 2 blog posts this morning by pure chance from a link on twitter saying that 'positive thinking' and 'happiness is a choice' get the back up of the writers of the blog posts. Before reading them I had decided my blog post for the day was to be ab...

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A thank you is the cherry on the cake.
We all know that we should have manners. We bring our children up to have manners, to say please, thank you and be courteous. I am as guilty as many mothers saying to our children 'where are your manners?' or ' a thank you would be nice'. If you hold a door...

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Vulnerability vultures.
I don't know anything about psychology so won't pretend to and this post is just based on personal experience and hearing other people go through kind of the same thing. I'm sure if any psychologists read this they can pigeon hole the characters into boxes ...

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Pre natal depression.
A lot of people may have head of postnatal depression but how many have heard of prenatal? Like depression in males, it's an unspoken illness. Many women will probably feel unable to talk about it for many reasons. I have a strong feeling one of those reaso...
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