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We will be closed for 2 days. April 03, 2015 to April 04, 2015.
Our office will continue to operate on Monday, April 06, 2015.

All calls to our office will be diverted to our cellphones.
You can also contact us via email, or Facebook.

Wish you all a Happy Easter Holidays!
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We are getting our contracted factory to sort out. The issue here is logistic issues. The phones are ready, but some of the accessories were mixed up.

We have "FREE" accessories that are to be bundled with the phone. However, they were mixing it with "ADVANCED" accessories which are to be paid for. We made some samples, which are suppose to be used for internal beta testing, which is why they kept waiting for us to send more to bundle into the pack.

This should be sorted out soon enough. At the current rate, our ETA is around 26 November 2014.

Current Progress Road Map:
-Bundle "free" accessories into phone box
-3rd Party Quality Assurance company to double check bundling, and quality of accessories and packaging
-Shipment Transfer from Factory to our contracted shipping company
-Singapore Customs

The Delays are all because our company wants to do the best for our customers and not "Best Effort Only", so all the delays are to make sure everything is perfect.
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Excellence EXSG-001 comes in Black and White.
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Our products are now completing the final phase of Quality Check. Will be arriving Singapore Next Week. Official Launch will be on 19th Nov 2014.
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Excellence EXSG-001 specifications and pictures has been posted on our website.
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We are proud to announce to you, that at this time of posting. Our Excellence EXSG-001 camerless Android Smartphone has the highest specifications on the market.
We will continue to serve you with products we can be proud of.
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ROM has been finalized and are being programmed into our units. The Excellence EXSG-001 will be shipped to Singapore soon.

Currently awaiting for IDA to approve our phones, once it is done, we are proud to present to you our first product.

Really excited, and hope that our customers are happy with all our hard work and dedication to provide to you all a product we are proud of.
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